And….Fade to Black…cut! Part 1!

When: 09/22/2016


PAX (): Blue Steel, Big South, Nacho, DefCon2, Peanut, Swiper, SoSo-Deaf, BabyFace, Hammer, HotSauce, Flo, Crack, Cookey, Law Dog, MillerTime, Fondue

GRITS farewell tour part 1 awaited the 17 Pax who posted this morning at the Rubicon. No pre-15 minute warmup for this crowd; strictly old school—start when you are scheduled…at 0530: not a minute sooner!—Mosey.

The Thang
Slow mosey through the dark alley to back of field, under a clear blue Georgia morning full of moon and stars. Dew on the fresh cut grass cloaked in gloom.

Circle up
Mountain Climbers
Imperial Walkers

Mosey to GRITS Pavilion
Flip on the lights and grabbed a bench. Sweat party began.
Rinse/Repeat x 3

6 count (NOT 5 count) steps up
4 count step ups
Balls to Wall
And..a few more LBCs
And…….25 Seal Sit-ups x 2

Side Plank each side
The Dolly

Thanks to King QIC (Crack) for making me jump out of bed cold and Q after not working out for ‘several’ weeks. Felt great. And, I also want to thank the Academy…DefCon2 for starting F3 on a 19 degree Jan morning in 2015 with me and DefCon1 (retired). Hickory Stick for stellar consistency and leadership. Boomer for making the group go faster and leading so many Qs. DoSiDo for getting me consistent with Saturdays. Trojan for just having the name..Trojan (and a cool motorcycle), Darth V for wisdom in life and annoying Clemson colors. No-See-Um for durability and consistency and Q’ing. Nacho for insane pushup regimes. HotSauce for bringing out my inner ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ self. Fondue for sticking with F3 and keeping me company at the 6. Flo for spiritual leadership and enthusiasm. MillerTime for stamina and gusto to jump in and stay in. Law Dog for making me think of a NC Slaw Dog every time I see him, and for supporting our legal system. Swiper for jumping in hard, staying put, and growing another F3(with others). Foghorn for his Steffi Graff grunts and his patriotic heart as big as a honey dew melon. Mufasa for his gazelle like nimbleness and drill sergeant ‘encouragement’. Thanks to all other brothers I may have unintentionally missed or haven’t gotten to fully know since I have been FARTSACKING recently—just remember to invite someone. You can even do that while in the gloom, like Crack finding ‘Colonel’—from Kenya. What happened to these guys? Emeril and ToolMan- 1st post and last, Snapshot? Weird Science?; LightBulb? Stang? Boots? Thumper—7 kids? Poor Mr. Jingles…he had to quit. I’ll be posting periodically until relocating to CLT. ‘Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the King” 1 Peter 2:17

Jeffrey – hip surgery success and recovery
Boomer/Kristen/Girls-healing/peace from recent loss
Law Dog’s relative- pace maker installation

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