Small crew, big effort!

When: 09/20/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Reuben, The Body

A combination of injuries, travel, and the oh-so-warm grip of the dreaded fartsack left us with only 3 HIM’s who made it out to raise a salute to the shovel flag this morning at Big Creek!  No need to stare at the watches and ponder the whereabouts of our ill-fated companions, so off we went into the gloom in search of the answer to a question that many PAX have asked since the groundbreaking at Big Creek…what’s at the top of that hill?

Stop off on the way for some Warm-up’s, all IC:



Cotton Pickers


Let’s charge that hill!  Headed towards Mt. Culiminjaro (Cumming version of Kilimanjaro), stopping at every sign and/or speed bump for 10 merkins until we reached the top.  Nothing too surprising at the top, but the rest of the PAX can see for themselves on the next trip up, as I am sure we will be back!

Headed to the grassy lacrosse field for some 4 corners escalators: 10 each, adding an exercise at each corner.


Monkey Humpers

Star Jumps


Rinse and repeat in the opposite direction by running it back down the escalator, this time facing the north hill the entire time and dropping an exercise each time.

Back down the hill to the Pavillion for a couple sets of dips and step up’s on the wall and then to the rock pile for some Colt 45’s, 2 sets of 15 each for curls, OHP, and Skull Crushers.

Time to head back towards the flag, but YHC couldn’t shake the thought that we had 80 burpees under our belt.  What a shame it would be to get so close to 100 and come up just short?  We couldn’t let it happen, so the PAX elected to pick two cross sections on the road back to the flag with 10 at each stop for a total of 100 Burpees!  No matter who you are or how long you have been posting at F3, 100 Burpees is something to be proud of, so well done to all!

Only 1 minute left for Mary, so we closed with some LBC’s.


-Prayers for Chief’s wife’s grandmother who is ill

-Prayers for Reuben’s family as they transition/move while their new home is being built.

-Happened to run into the Hammer at a church group gathering at none other than…Smokejack, where our friend Nacho will be taking the plunge this weekend.  Hammer tipped the fact that he hiked Yonah mountain today, so I take that to mean his knee is healed and we will see him at the Rube on Thursday?!

-Nacho, the group prayed blessing and protection over the location for your wedding on Saturday, but knowing a couple of your groomsmen, you may want to bring along a jug of holy water, just in case!:)

-Word from our colleague, GRITS, that he will be relocating back to Charlotte soon, so be on the lookout for a possible 2nd F send off in the next week or so.

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