Math is Hard

When: 9/20/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Babyface, Nacho Libre, Miller Time, DefCon 2, Fondue, Sunshine, So So Def, MASH, Cooky, Foghorn, Flo, Peanut

12 faithful at the Rubicon this Tuesday morning. But where is the flag? #QFail

The Warmup:

Let’s mosey..

A lap around the interior circle of trail, with stops for ATMs.. Alternating Shoulder Taps, Tempo Merkin, Merkins.

Mosey to home base on the FOD.

The Thang:

YHC pulls out the digital weinke. With a commitment to bringing some fresh new exercises to the Tuesday beatdowns, you may or may not see this weinke on a recurring basis.

12 PAX. Split into 4 groups of 3.. 3 groups of 4.. 2 groups of 6? Wait.. 4 groups of 3. Each group takes a base. Perform the assigned exercise at that base for two minutes, then sprint around the bases to your next base.. 2nd sprints around bases all the way to 3rd, etc.. All four bases complete, sprint to home. Rinse and Repeato.

1st Round: Boxcutters, Burpos, Ballerinas, Maktars

2nd Round: Captain Thor, Copperhead Squat, Cumberland County Viaduct, Walking Merkin

Mosey to center field.

Jack Webb. 1:5 ratio

Sprint to the flag.. er.. the parking lot.


Around the circle as far as we can with the time left.. With two VQs thrown in from So So Def and MASH.. Q school may be in order to learn the cadence and exercises!

Foghorn – Dying Cockroach
Cooky – LBC
So So Def – Merkels??
MASH – Freddie Mercury


Nice showing and spirit today, with a few specific call outs:

  • Nacho Libre with the wedding Q this Saturday at the #WidowMaker. You DO NOT want to miss this!
  • Convergence on October 1 at Riverside Park.
  • So So Def with the new exercise of #Merkel! Like it!
  • MASH with the strong count!
  • Miller Time looking to step up with a VQ over the next two weeks.. bring it brother!
  • Peanut training for a half marathon. Nice!
  • Fondue traveling, will join F3 in that area to represent F3Alpha.
  • Babyface.. hope to see Bloodhound back out this week.


  • Prayers and gratitude for Boomer’s Father in Law, and Flo’s Dad. Continued #TAP.
  • Prayers for humility and reminders to prioritize our relationships and time over our possessions.

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