Happy Legs Day

When: 09/19/16

QIC: Happy

PAX (): Happy, Stubing, Flo, Boomer, Bear, Callahan, Chipper, El Matador, Tightrope, Van Hagar, Big South, Simba, Sneakers, Dab, Piggie

Morning festivities began with VQ Happy rolling up with Pharrel’s hit song Happy blaring to get all of the HIM in the right mindset.  Sadly there were only two HIM present at this point to hear aforementioned song.  Happy was not deterred despite the adversity.  15 PAX took the red pill and ventured off in to the gloom to enter the pain cave. Here is what happened.

Warm Up:

Mosey lap

left side step

right side step

15 side straddle hops

15 imperial walkers

Happy is committing to practicing cadence counting for 1 hour per day for one year in front of a mirror as punishment for his lackluster attempt at counting.

The Thang:

  1. Lieutenant Dans commenced at the start of Perimeter side entrance on Ventana Way up to traffic circle.  Slight #mumblechatter was heard and signs of midwife noises began near completion.  Happy wanted to ensure PAX were also happy so he didn’t lead them on to soaking wet soccer field.
  2. Without delay PAX moseyed to “Chapel Hill” for Ring of Fire where alternating plank jacks and mercans occurred.  One rotation was enough to get the lactic acid flowing nicely.
  3. The sufferfest went in to high gear with 5 sets of Bernie Sanders on the concrete path with partner doing monkey humpers.
  4. Pax then moseyed to the playground where they put themselves in groups of 4/5 at 3 stations to perform reverse pull-ups, pull-ups, and swerkins.  Q announced when to rotate with a loud shout of “rotate” while his face shined brightly with manson lamps.
  5. Snot woggle ensued at this point with Indian run back to Hurricanes.  PAX broke up a bit as the PAX began to cozy up to the pain.  The Surrender Monkey was shouting quite loudly in the ear of a few PAX at this point.  All were gathered at Hurricanes where Boomer led some Mary.
  6. PAX sprinted to flag for COT.


Continued prayers for Boomer’s Father-in-law and Flo’s Dad.  Stubing will be speaking at an event this week.  Praise for Van Hagar’s foster child news!


  • Good work HIMs!  Nice #downpainment to start off the week!
  • Strong second post by Stubing.
  • Still missing Peachy – we hear he may be nursing an injury.  Also haven’t seen Miyagi in awhile?
  • Missed some regulars: Mr. Drummond, Squirrel, Swiss, 2%


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