A Field, A Staircase, A Trail, A Field

When: 9/17/16

QIC: Foghorn/Def Con 2

PAX (): Babyface, Swiper, Nacho Libre, Hot Sauce, Def Con 2, Foghorn, Flo, FNG Bloodhound

8 PAX showed in the gloom on a nice Saturday morning, for a split Q session. Let’s get to it..

Def Con 2 takes the Q.. Mosey to turf field.

SSH x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Cotton Picker x 15
Carolina Dry-docks x 15

The Thang:
Let’s be animals.. from goal line to penalty box line.
Bear Crawl, Reverse Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Reverse Crab Walk, Scorpion (Right), Scorpion (Left), Cheetah

Burped Suicides: Goal line, penalty box line, Half line, penalty box line, Goal line.. 5 burpees at each line, then back home.

Foghorn takes the Q.. Quick mosey to center circle of turf field. 

Ring of Fire around the circle, each PAX calls a merkin and counts the cadence to 5. Strong count by the FNG! We’ll have a VQ in no time.

Mosey to staircase at front of park, just off trail..

Partner up for DORA: One partner travels up and back down staircase, while other partner does the exercise.. combine count to completion..

LBC x 100, Squats x 200, Calf-raises x 300.

A few trips up and down the staircase, single steps..

At this point we have a little light.. Let’s see where this trail goes!

Turns out the trail is a perfect circle around the park, with a few trails branching off that are also circles back to main trail.. Could have some fun with these trails in future beatdowns.

We make the circle, stopping on occasion for the six, with a few lunges, merkins, karaoke, and backwards run as called.

We end our circle at the upper grass soccer field.. Indian Run around the perimeter, Hot Sauce seems to be blessed with every short corner..

Merkin Madness to finish.. Not sure who takes the win from this one? Swiper?

DC2 finishes us off with some Mary.. (Flag hits the ground) 13 burpees!!

Good showing from the FNG Bloodhound, with a strong count on the Ring of Fire.

Have you PAX seen Hot Sauce work the beatdown lately? Dude is picking up his pace in a big way.. Watch out!

Come out next Saturday for a wedding day beatdown from Nacho!

Convergence on October 1 at Riverside Park.

Praise for promising news for Flo’s dad, continued #TAP for his family.

Gratitude and appreciation for a loving God.


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