‘Ships Passing in the Dark’

When: 9/16/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Crack, Def Con 2, Ha-Ha, Foghorn

YHC is still coming on a runner’s high from this morning’s journey, and a journey it was. Four PAX pushed through the biggest hill we’ve tackled so far.. I’m confident saying it was the biggest hill F3 Alpha has seen at any AO. This run included a mile of greenway, though it felt like just a few steps.. YHC would like to spend more time on the greenway, that was fun and interesting. When passing others at 6 am on the greenway, it’s like ‘ships passing in the dark’ (that line is in some piece of literature).. all you see is light then a brief outline of human (or bike) and they’re gone, with just a quick ‘Good Morning!’.

Crack ascended monster hill like Edmund Hillary.. (look it up), then pushed YHC to almost a full sprint up Academy to the finish at Mugs, which includes no less than 3 sharp incline hills. Ouch.

Ha-Ha is the FNG from last week, now with a proper name. This guy is a tough runner, and a welcome addition to the PAX. He just breezes through, never showing signs of wear or tire. He also LOVES stickers (check out his car), so Crack graced him with the F3 decal, making it official. Keep coming back!

DC2 powered through this run, and for having taken several weeks off, he earned respect. Not easy to make that comeback and run this morning’s distance. DC2 is convinced his white shirt provides magical gloom protection from any and all vehicles.. YHC went with a headlamp, and DC2 thought he should lead the group through a sidewalk-less stretch of road. After several pedestrian-involved accidents in the area lately, YHC insisted on leading that stretch with the lamp, but DC2 was not pleased.. Love that guy’s attitude when he’s in the mode.

Praise for strength and humility, prayers for Ha-Ha’s son and YHC’s mother-in-law. As men, we are inherently flawed, broken, mistaken.. It’s what we do to recognize and account for those mistakes, admitting freely, while supporting/understanding others in their mistakes, that make us F3 men.. Thankful to a God of forgiveness.

Till next time! – Foghorn

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