PT Test: An Original Idea

When: 09/13/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Darth Visor (Respect), FNG Tarzan, Swiper, 410, Clyde, Ruben, Sweeper, Chief, Crack

Yeah that’s right! I was the first guy in F3 to decide to do a PT Test. Shoot! I wasn’t even the first guy this month, nor the second. At least the 1st guy today… I hope. Remember to write your results on the back of a shirt so that you can wear it for our next PT Test.

I should probably figure out the best way to Big Creek. I tried my 3rd or 4th route today. Waze said arrival would be 0531, but a couple of friendly lights and a touch of speed in excess of the posted limit put me there right at 0529, just like it was planned. There was already some Fellowship by the faithful: 9 PAX including one FNG and I am pretty sure Swiper is the only one that checked-in on the PB.

Mosey to the track where 410 reminisced on the miles and miles he has logged at this track. Oh, the days! Now, Crack doesn’t necessarily believe in warm-ups as he has witnessed some Qs make an entire “beat down” on those things. 15 minutes of side straddle hops is not pushing it, boys! But today was serious, so I graciously followed form:

  1. Windmills IC x15
  2. CCDs IC x9
  3. IWs IC x12

After a quick disclaimer, let’s get on the test. Do we really need a disclaimer prior to a PT Test? DV sure thought so.

  • AMRAP Merkins for 2 minutes with a focus on bringing the upper arms to parallel with the body and then locking the elbows for one complete merkins. Shoulders give out prior to 90 seconds.
  • AMRAP Big Boi Sit-ups for 2 minutes this time focusing on getting the upper body to vertical and then allowing the shoulder blades to touch the ground. Nice way to burn the hip flexors prior to the run.
  • AYG on the 2 Mile run

Mary at the finish line while everyone sprints to the end.

Back to the SF for COT and Name-O-Rama.


  • Thanks to the man, the myth, the legend: Swiper for today’s Q. He has acquired another day at BC starting 10/6 and every Thursday from there on. Tell your friends.
  • Great to see Sweeper back in the gloom. He is definitely the emotional leader of that crew. Sweeper, if you want to run a mile and then multiply the time, I am on board. Just don’t tell anyone else!
  • Strong work from Chief. Those shin splints ain’t no joke! Keep stretching, invest in a lacrosse ball to loosen those muscles, and get some KT Tape or compression socks to reduce to pain.
  • Welcome FNG Tarzan (Mark Pugh). Why didn’t I name him “Damn Right?” No idea. Will Tarzan be back? Pugh Damn Right! Prayers for his M’s continued healing after her recent back surgery.
  • Prayer’s for’s DV’s M’s eye’s!’s
  • Nice performance from Ruben, 410, and Clyde. Record those results, fellas! You’ll want to know how much you’ve gained over the coming months.
  • Big happenings around F3’s most ALPHA region! Check the newsletter, tap in and get involved. We need you!

Your “friend” in the gloom, Crack!

P.S. Don’t expect warm-ups next time I make a guest Q appearance.

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