When: 9/9/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Crack, Clyde, Nelson (FNG to be named), Foghorn

YHC woke this morning ready to tackle 5.2 miles, even if that meant going it alone. Turns out, 1 FNG and 2 faithful PAX had the same idea. That’s right… an FNG! This particular FNG goes by the name of Nelson and loves to run… as in.. runs 50+ miles a week. Humbling complete. Nelson will only be posting on Fridays due to his marathon training regimen (for now), so we’ll give him a proper name next Friday.. Will you join us next Friday to welcome and name the FNG? Thinking something Simpsons related?

Clyde decided he wanted more than just a measly single Tuesday up in Big Creek, and was more than up for it. He pushed through 5.2 miles like he’d run the Peachtree Road Race before.. several times.. (he has). Fret not BC, I hear an extra beatdown each week is coming your way shortly.

Crack put up 4 miles with us before breaking off for home to get his workday going. A true #HIM.

5.2 miles, 10 minute pace.


Prayers of gratitude for this life and ability. Prayers for those men and loved ones with their own struggles. We thank God for pleasure and also for pain.

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