In the Dark, would you could you in the Dark

When: 09/08/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Mufasa, Swiper, Flo, Miller Time, Big South, Boomer, Fondu, SoSoDef, DoSiDo, Crack, Murdock, Baby Face, Nacho Libre, the Hoff

YHC was at the Rubicon one Saturday afternoon with the 2.0s playing on the various playgrounds when the Hulk (2.0 No. 1) and still to be named next 2.0 beatdown (2.0 No. 2) noticed a lot of activity at the horse park. After moseying with the 2.0s to see what was up, we noticed some kind of horse show going on and decided to check it out and watch. While sitting on some bleachers, YHC could not help but think, “these are some solid bleachers, I bet they can be painful in the gloom.” After all, once you start working out with F3 you can’t help but look around and think “what kind of exercise can I do with that.” So, after B.O.M.B.S. exploded all week in F3 Alpharetta, YHC thought “maybe its time to check out those bleachers.  Didn’t we run by those one time with Nacho.” So it was decided we would run through the dark and winding paths.

After a short warm up around Ol’ Glory with side straddle hops, imperial walkers and windmills on to the thang.

Running through the woods on the running path was slightly easier because Flo read the preblast and brought his headlamp. Unfortunately, Flo does not keep his head still when he runs and YHC was in and out of the dark the whole time.

We made it to horse park and shining in the dark were the glorious bleachers ready to be attacked. Lunge walk up the bleachers, walk back down for 5 burpees. Repeat five times. Then 10 merkins on the bleachers parallel to the seats with half of the body on the high seat and the other half on the low seat. Turn around and repeat.

The Pax then moseyed to the long parking lot next to broke back mountain. Good to have Mufasa back again as he would not leave the six behind. Once the six was in, we lined up for a plank, merkin Indian run. Pax lined up using the parking spot lines as markers. Man in the back does 5 merkins and runs to the front. All Pax plank until their turn for the back. Finally made it to the end of the parking lot and moseyed to the playground for 5 pull-ups and 10 squats repeating AMRAP for ten minutes.

About 7 minutes in, Boomer said “No one would mind a little more time for Mary.” Sounded like a volunteer, so back to the flag for some Boomer Q’d Mary. Let me tell you, no one can bring more to Mary than when Boomers starts with 6 inches. LBCs, Dollys, Rosalettas, American Hammers, etc.


Prayers for Flo’s dad and Murdock’s uncle.

Continued prayers that F3 will reach and inspire more men.

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