For those of you not at the lake

When: 09/08/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): The brave and willing souls not fartsacking at the lake.

After allowing a man with tires and respect to Q for a week, YHC had every intention of deferring B.O.M.B.S. and Cindy to the Rubicon this week. However, Swiper swiped the playbook and dropped the B.O.M.B.S at Big Creek. Swiper then proceeded to give the playbook to Flo who dropped B.O.M.B.S. at the Hooch.  In no way is this an accusation about Swiper’s or Flo’s ability to create a great beatdown, after all, YHC copied it from the F3Nation playbook. Rest-assured plagiarism is encouraged in the F3 Nation (this statement is not an endorsement by the F3Naiton and is solely the opinion of Law Dog and no other. Although that seems to be the purpose of the list of exercises, lexicon and backblast on  A repeat is sometimes painful, but necessary (board of pain) and sometimes it is just entertaining with a different crowd (Tire Respect). However, YHC has no desire to rinse and repeat Tuesday and Wednesday beat-downs. With that being said, who knows what’s in store. We may still play with Cindy, but there is a strong possibility that a mosey will lead the Pax through the dark and winding paths of the Rubicon until inspiration hits.

See you in the Gloom.

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