Someone Stole the Deck of Pain!

When: 09/05/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Babyface, the Dab, Mr. Drummond, Squirrel, Chipper, Foghorn, Sneakers

8 Pax decided to meet the gloom rather than sleep in on a Monday off. And YHC knew that pax this committed would be disappointed if the beatdown was not challenging. YHC is also bitter that the beloved Sooners crapped the bed Saturday. All were challenged, and then a curious thing happened. YHC put the deck of pain down right next to his car before moseying over for some people’s chair. When YHC returned to his car post-beatdown, the deck was gone. I need a law dawg to get to the bottom of this. Anyway, here is the rest of the story.


  • Mosey around the lot
  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Mosey to the church front entrance

The Thang:

Partner up with someone of similar weight. Partner carry up the stairs. Partner who was given the ride sprints to end of parking lot while mule Partner does burpees until his Partner returns. Upon return, they run a lap around the lot until back at the start. Flip flop and repeat. Each pax gets 3 trips as a mule and 3 trips as a rider.

Mosey around to the playground for the deck of pain. Hearts were pull-ups (or dips for space and difficulty purposes), diamonds were merkins, spades were big boy sit-ups, and clubs were monkeyhumpers. Face cards were 10, aces 11, and numbers were numbers. We took a couple of recovery laps to break up the deck.

Mosey back with some brief bear crawls, lunge walks, and zombie walks. Back to the flag and over to the pillars. Peoples chair, balls to the walls, and Mary. Finish with some slow tempo merkins. Done.

COT and BOM.

Prayers for Flo’s family and YHC’s father-in-law. T-claps to Chipper for his commitment and growth. He will be ready to Q before we know it.


  • Great seeing Babyface again. That whole work and getting 2.0s to school thing is overrated.
  • T-claps to the Dab and Babyface for sticking with pull-ups during the deck of pain.
  • Foghorn and YHC moseyed over to Sara Donuts for some delicious fried fat, and they were closed! So disappointing.
  • Bushwood Country Club (aka Iron Tribe) was also closed this morning. Meanwhile, the municipal course (aka the Hooch) was open for business and invigorating male leadership.
  • Still waiting for someone to fess up to stealing the deck of pain! YHC can always get more cards and just might out of principle.

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