R.E.S.P.E.C.T at Rubicon


PAX (): Murdock, Nacho Libre, Hot Sauce, Cookie, DoSido, Hickory Stick, Wings, Law Dog, Big Mac, DAB, Flo, Fog Horn, DoDUDi? respect but Did not get that name! Boomer

What had happend was…

15 Faithful Pax showed up in the glorious gloom, and we have FLO to thank for those lovely shots in the gloom…ha ha i get it now – dark.  Boomer followed the “halo” about DARTH V’s head and we all enjoyed a rinse repeat of the RESPECT TOUR @crack proved a noshow again!! Foghorn, Cookie, Nacho, Dosido, Hickory Stick chose the pre 15 run to SPACE MOUNTAIN at sub 10min pace.

The PAX and the PRE 15 GANG arrived at the Shovel Flag to see a “restrictor plates” – a pile o tires! OH and Law Dog…true to his word in the PreBlast with NO CRACK to object relenquished his Q with much respect.

Let’s mosey…restrictor plates distributed to the faster pax…Cookie, FLO, Boomer, Foghorn, Hickory, and others commence running to upper parking

PIT STOP. We drop restrictor plates for some warm ups.

Over the Hill Climbers, Old School Windmills and Cotton Pickers

Mumble chatter as to ready position or IC high standards expected and RESPECT to PAX

Mosey to rock pile grab a coupon and head to the grass field for R.E.S.P.E.C.T


RROCKEE (Burpee with a ROCK) 5 reps x 5 times  “you should have seen the size of some of those rocks…shift on no make that two” these are fun with rocks. 

EElf on a Shelf (ROCK “size matters” from RT Foot to L Shoulder  x 27  Then Left for 54 Total

SSnapshot (two handed shove rock – long jump to rock 15 down 15 back

PPlankJacks 57 on your on…PAX starting to sweat. respecting oldest PAX BIG MAC.

E –  EHLO as in Craig EHLO scored 5130 points for Cleveland imfamously Micheal Jordan  scored on him to win NBA Final, later played for  Hawks.  Catch and Jump Shot. 27 right + 27 left = 54 maybe a new F3 exercise submition as well. @chief champion of this exercise like a PRO

CCircle Burp (In Circle High Knees – go around circle burpee to 57) nice to see the MURDOCK “respect” man thats along way down from up there.

TTIRES ON HILL teams of 3 ran up hill to 5 squat press while partners remained alternating squats and merkins waiting their turn to run up hill.

Tunnel of Love (sprint 10 Yards drop and create arch 50 yards /  Train Track coming back hurdling PAX in Elbo Plank back to starting point)  Team effort competition was strong determined in photo finish as DAB lay prostrate near the finish line reaching with his right hand to tie the young PAX team.

Checkered Flag “TIME’s OUT” RACE BACK TO FLAG with fastest PAX “restricted” ! Cookie blows out the competition sheding his restrictor plate with all out sprint to finish! HEY what’s up with the shouts of “don’t let Darth win” ???? mumblings from the PAX in the rear. No worries Cookie gets the checkered flag!

Law dog lays down the Marys and we circle up.


Mary at Law Dog’s office surgery went well still facing Chemo.

Darths for wife’s EYE

Big MAC’s neighbors son

Flo’s dad prostate cancer



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