To Tire or Not to Tire, that is the Question

When: 09/01/16

QIC: Law Dog (?)

PAX (): Any and everyone who shows up

YHC was approached two weeks ago about a possible quest Qs for this Thursdays beatdowns. Do-Si-Do, a regular, has been stepping up excited to lead the Pax. It is always good to encourage and reinvigorate male leadership in the Q. About that same time, as if rising from the fart sack ashes, Darth wants to Q. To be sure, his motives are clear. RESPECT.  However, respect can not be given, it must be earned.  So with that, the Q for tomorrow is Law Dog.

However, a judge can always reconsider, so nothing would be more proud to see than when pulling into the Rubicon parking lot, behold in the distance is a man ready to claim his Q with a mountain of tires on display as a work of art in front of Ol’ Glory.  Such a sight, would be so inspirational, that YHC would have no choice but to overrule the previous Q judgement and allow Respect to be earned.

With that, we are going to either play Bombs with Cindy or Respect the Tires. Only those brave enough to stand in the gloom tomorrow will know for sure. Until then, Goodnight and rest up, tomorrow should be fun.

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