They were going into labor

When: 08/29/16

QIC: Swiss

PAX (): Swiss, Flo, El Matador, The Dab, FNG Sneakers, Simba, Peachy, Boomer, Happy, Sunshine, Big South, TIghtrope, Mr. Belding

13 guys went into labor with all the midwife noises heard. They came in not knowing what was in them. but walked away having birthed a new found strength that will keep them walking with their heads high all the day long. Good work out there, it makes YHC, and your temporary OB/GYN, very proud to run with you. We’re going into Labor Day Weekend so get it throughout this week best you can before getting fat over the weekend. We had an FNG, welcome to the PAX Sneakers.
This is how it went down…
Warm-Up: Mosey lap with some side shuffling. Circled up for some Cotton-pickers, Imperial Walkers, and Side straddle hops IC. Then brief jog with some high knees and butt kicks to get the blood flowing.
Man (or monkey) in the Middle: Mosey to the Chapel lot and in groups of 3’s (one of 4). Person 1 starts on one side with LBC, person on far end with Reverse LBC, and person 3 start next to person 1 and bear crawls to person 2. Takes his place in Reverse LBC and person 2 lunge walk to 1. and continued til person one gets back to their original position.
Suicides: Starting with 10 Monkey Humpers, then running to the first line for 20 Burpees, and back to 10 more MH. Second line 30 Star Jumps. Third line 40 Tricep Merkins (Elbows in and arm closer to waist then higher up at the chest/face area). Fourth line 50 Jump Lunges. Let the Midwife noises begin.
Clockwork: Plank position in a large circle. Starting with over & under, one man get up from the plank and goes over the person to his right, then under the next and continue till he gets back to his own spot, then the next man goes. Then ending with 10-4’s ten reps of one workout with four different variations of it, Regular Merkins, Diamond, Wide, and Tricep. I think this was where the birth happened, I saw new men moving from here back to the flag.
At the flag: Starting with the first person who made it back, led a workout IC then choosing someone else to lead afterwards.

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