A Quick Mosey Thru Webb Bridge Park

When: 08/27/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Crack, Flo, Nacho Libre, Simba, Swiper, and MUFASA!

Mufasa is back. That’s all you need to know. Not really, but it was great having him back. 6 other Pax posted ready to explore a new AO. Darth Visor was not one of them. Webb Bridge Park is amazing. We barely scratched the surface. Here is what happened.

Warmup in the Middle School Outdoor Amphitheatre (YHC just wanted to hear my echo).

The Thang:

Merkin mile over to the Park. Mosey up to the first parking lot and grab a rock. 40s with a short sprint in between each exercise. Big boy situps with rock and curls were the exercises. Mosey to the turf field for some bear crawls. Start on the goal line and bear crawl to the 18 yard line. Crack, being a baseball player and wrestler, needed directions as to how far 18 yards is, but he caught on pretty quick. At each stopping point, we did some diamond merkins. Starting at one, bear crawl back for 2 diamonds, bear crawl back for 3 and so on up to 6. Continue the mosey around the park until we descended a monster hill. Not sure if it was Simba or Nacho that asked if there was another way out of the park that didn’t go up the hill, but YHC had more ambitious thoughts than just run up it. Partner carry up the hill, alternating as necessary. Brief 10 count at the top and continue moseying around the park. Stop for some around the clock merkins and then a new favorite. Lt. Dan plus monkeyhumpers. Goes like this: 1 monkey humper, 1 squat, 4 lunges. 1 MHs, 2 squats, 8 lunges. Crack suggested calling it Lt. George. I don’t know, but it hurt. Make it across the parking lot. Shake the legs out with an Indian Run out of the park. Merkin mile back but first 3 do 5 burpees and last 3 do 10 merkins. Runner in the middle can chose between burpees or merkins. Back to the flag for a couple minutes of Mary. YHC’s pre-blast was accurate. Great work by everyone. COT and BOM. Prayers for Flo’s family, 17 month old Owen fighting leukemia, and for more.


    • Glad Crack found us. The man is half bloodhound.
    • YHC loved Webb Bridge Park. Next time we will meet at the cul-de-sac just outside the park.

Where we going next Saturday? YHC doesn’t know. Ideas include Roswell or Norcross. Maybe Windward Soccer Complex? Suggestions are welcome! Just post if you suggest an AO.


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