Dad Bods Unite! Hoppy-Like 8.26.16

When: 8/26/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Crack, Foghorn

Two PAX got their dad-bods out of bed on a Friday morning to push the pace in an effort for mental and physical clarity, and man it felt good. Much #mumblechatter during these runs on a variety of topics.. Alpharetta development (can it maintain its standing as a ‘Tree City’? YHC says negative), the 2.0s, weekend plans, beer (I mean, it is called the Hoppy-Like after the famed beer run). Though you may think by these BBs that there is more talking than running happening at the Hoppy, let me assure you the pace and plethora of hills ensure a beatdown. This run is such that the fastest runner sets the pace for all to struggle to follow, and no PAX falls too far behind.

Hope to see others out next week. – Foghorn

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