Welcome to Fabulous Las…Rubicon!

When: 08/25/2016


PAX (): Boomer, Foghorn, Crack, Lawdog, The Dab, Wings, SoSoDef, Sunshine, Jordy, Hotsauce, The Hammer, Nacho Libre, Swiper

After posting a slightly misleading pre-blast that promised “lots” of running, I admit in the end it should have probably said “some” running; all other promises were kept , however. 13 PAX joined YHC this AM for what turned out to be a lot of moaning, groaning, sweating and shirt removing.

Here’s what happened:

Inspired by Crack this past weekend to ditch the usual warm-up procedure, we dove right into suicides in the lot behind the pool. 5 islands were used, 2 merkins on the curb and add 2 more at each island. At home, 3 cotton pickers served as our stretch.

From there, mosey to this bathroom structure built using these things called “walls”. We chose to place our “balls” on these “walls”. Not only that, we chose to make a competition out of it – if only our wives could have seen us.

The Competition was as follows:

3 Rounds

a. Keep your balls on the wall for as long as you’d like
b. When last man is still standing, start counting ‘till he bails
c. That time is # of burpees the PAX must perform
d. Winner’s choice to watch or join in the burpees


Round 1: it was between YHC and Nacho with Nacho beating YHC by 5 seconds; PAX
performed 5 burpees.
Round 2: Boomer and Hotsauce go toe-to-toe , but in the end Boomer gets the nod by
10 seconds; PAX performed 10 burpees
Round 3: This was a brutal round, lots of noises. The Hammer and Nacho are the lone
survivors and it’s really a photo finish for who’s foot hit the ground
first – call it a tie with RESPECT to the Hammer for that performance; PAX
performed 1 burpee, then 10 count.

Next, we gambled. Sort of. Some call it the Deck of Death, some the Deck of Pain. Either way, everyone loved it! Here’s what we did: Mosey from the “ball wall” up through the creek, emerge with a rock, take it to the flag.

Each group of 4-5 PAX had a 52 card deck, an exercise was assigned to each suit, and then we let
the shuffle dictate the rest.

Hearts= Squat to Over-head Thrusters with Rock
Diamonds= Star Jumps
Spades= Merkins
Clubs= Burpees
Aces= 11reps
Face Cards= 10reps

-Do your able-best to get through the deck, which seemed to never, ever, ever end…
-By the time it was through, I don’t think anyone had a shirt on anymore (exaggeration)
-Heart rates were through the roof (not an exaggeration)
-Our group didn’t flip any Clubs (burpees) until the last 4th of the deck (thanks for shuffling
cards again Nacho) So we suffered through Burpee Hell to conclude the event (not an
exaggeration) I swear we had 55 in a row at one point (exaggeration), and all I kept hearing
was “what the @uck!”

This brought us right up to 6:13 so we returned our rocks and circled up

-Prayers requests were mentioned, I apologize for not remembering specifics, but they were lifted to the


– I’ll repeat the need to RESPECT The Hammer for pushing Nacho in round 3, rumor has it he also runs
after each workout to warm-down – that’s just too good

– Nacho continues to be a dominant force out there – in some exercises it’s saying something to just
be in the vicinity of where he is when he finishes

– Swiper tweets “the Deck of Death was more painful than my last trip to Vegas”

– Thanks to PAX for giving it your all, the cards were a test of grit for sure, and I’m pretty sure
most groups either finished it, or came within 4 cards of getting all the way through


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