When: 08/23/16


PAX (): Hammer, Swiper, 4-10(soon to be upgraded to 12 Gauge upon 1st Q) , Chief, Clyde, Law Dog,

What had happend was…

7 Faithful Pax showed up in the glorious gloom today to join DARTH V for his Birthday Q. YHC enjoyed the company for a run through the newest F3 Nation workout? R.E.S.P.E.C.T with Preblast announced….@crack proved a noshow, @foghorn chose the pre 15…w/ Nacho…Let’s see what they missed.

The PAX arrived at the Shovel Flag to see a “restrictor plates” – a pile o tires! oh and @Clyde arrives to at 5:29 to make 7 PAX and off we go!

Let’s mosey…restrictor plates distributed to the fasted pax…Hammer and others we commence running down road to ball fields…car approaches from behind…someone yells cops. It looks like we stole some tires and are running from the seen in the glow of the headlights…our speed increased!

PIT STOP. We drop plates for some warm ups.

Over the Hill Climbers, Old School Windmills and Cotton Pickers then Imperial Hillbillys? (Law Dog mumbles a correction)

Mosey to rock pile grab a coupon and head to the grass soccer field for R.E.S.P.E.C.T


RROCKEE (Burpee with a ROCK) 5 reps x 4 times  “whew, hard with a rock”

EElf on a Shelf (ROCK from right foot to left overhead  x 27  then Left Side x 27 = 54

SSnapshot (two handed shove rock – long jump to rock 27 down 27 back = 54 (audible called these were really tough so 4/10’s only 33 we turned and finished with 33)

PPlankJacks 57 IC  (rinse repeat scheduled – audible that was enough)

E –  EHLO as in Craig EHLO scored 5130 points for Cleveland imfamously Micheal Jordan  scored on him to win NBA Final, later played for  Hawks.  Catch and Jump Shot. 27 right + 27 left = 54 maybe a new F3 exercise submition as well. @chief champion of this exercise like a PRO

CCircle Burp (In Circle High Knees – go around circle burpee to 54) @Clyde threw the finger on this one…very nice effort!

TTunnel of Love (sprint 10 Yards drop and create arch 100 yards /  Train Track coming back hurdling PAX in Elbo Plank back to starting point) what did i smell? every pass under LAW DOG was the aroma of KONA BLEND…thanks for sharing!

Not “TIRED” Yet? MOSEY TO HILL with tires and partner up. Pax mumbling (@swiper) about our time clock runnning out.

TIRE PRESS RELAY – Partner runs up hill squat with overhead press while remaining partner does squats for total 57 overhead tire presses.

TIME OUT RACE BACK TO FLAG with fastest PAX “restricted” HAMMER proves he is a beast and is neck and neck with YHC and eventualy overtakes a leads. Graciously he takes a pit stop 20YDS out to allow Birth Day Q a victory! Chief grabs rounds out the race crew with fine performance.


Hammers dad’s health

Mary at Law Dog’s office surgery

Darth’s salvation for “S”

Praise for being heathly at 54



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