F3Alpha Saturday 8/20 PB

When: 08/19/16


PAX (): The people YHC sees tomorrow

In my YHC’s previous PB, I YHC told you it may the final Q of my YHC’s term. Well I YHC Lochte’d you #BatFlippers, so stop #PussyCatting, grab your #justifiers, and bring it on back to City Hall for another round with me YHC at the helm! Hear me YHC?

Big changes hitting up the most Alpha region of F3, that is why they call us F3Alpha. Did you John’s Creeker’s think it was because of Alpharetta. Bulljive!! I’m YHC’s dishing out #TruthNuggets. Go get you a pan out and sift THE F’in Alpha F3 region with your homeboyz.

Your Main Man BOOMER has jumped up as the #LizardKing (specifically Alpha’s growth Q) with a fresh gameplan of tapping into more #SadClowns here in TheAlpha. If you don’t know what the Lizard King does, watch an Articulated Man with #momentum. The Boom will be felt starting with rotating Saturday AOs. Pay attention to these new locations, EH your sadclown buddies, and show up like a good #sponsor should. No more of this “its too far for me YHC!” If LawDog & Chipper can drive 2.5 hours each morning to post, #PHT your #Mascots so they aren’t #OBE. #ABH!!

So what say you? Ready to #RedPill it up tomorrow?

If you show at the Rubicon, be ready to Touch a Truck! If you show up to City Hall, get ready to #LockShields and make a #PeacockWedge. Just be sure to warm-up before you get there. I YHC refuse refuses to waste 10 minutes doing SSHs.

Flo, would you please add all of the hashtags to your “Lexicon Lesson of the Day?” I YHC fear fears most people will have no idea what I YHC have has just said. And don’t forget about our you and YHC’s wrestling match tomorrow. I YHC am is in a steady #FogOfWar since we The Rubicon and YHC built that plane!

Crack! YHC.

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