Hoppy-Like Run 8/19/16

When: 8/19/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Alpha Men

The Hoppy-Like Run was a game changer for YHC when first hitting the road with Hickory Stick and Lightbulb about 14 months ago. YHC thinks he committed blindly without understanding that he was not a runner, never had been a runner, and until that day.. had no interest in being a runner. YHC was more the type to have the hilarious “0.0” sticker on the car, considering those with the “13.1” or “24.2” to be borderline psychopathic. 14 months later, YHC is registered for his 4th 5k, having also completed a 8k. YHC feels good, feels fit (word of the year, for those who remember). This is also a great morning for fellowship and much encouragement to ‘just keep moving.’

We’ll do just over 4 miles tomorrow, through terrain we’ve not yet explored. 8-9 minute mile pace. Should be fun.


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