She’ll sweep your heart away…

When: 08/16/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Chief, Darth Visor, 410, Clyde

Light crowd at BC 2 weeks in a row as the summer is winding down, but great to hear of one very good excuse!  YHC learned that Sweeper and his wife had welcomed their new baby girl, so very happy for them as they shift from the zone to the man-to man defense that many of us have mastered over the years!  YHC also ran into the Hammer on Sunday night fresh off of vacation, with a tan that could have landed him a spot as an extra on Miami Vice, so hoping he will rejoin us very soon as well!

All of that said, there were 5 PAX that showed up ready to get better, so here’s what went down…

Mosey south to the first parking lot for warm up’s, all IC


Cotton Pickers



The Thang:

Mosey down the hill to the big parking lot in front of the gym for some suicides across the lot.

Starting at the curb with 5 Mike Tyson’s (Thanks to Sharona, who obviously impressed Flo as well with this new exercise since we both broke it out today!)  Feet on the curb, combo plank squat followed by a merkin

Sprints up the tree line and back with an ascending number of squats…20, 30, 40, 50 with 5 Mike Tyson’s every time back at the starting point .  Rinse and repeat with merkins and LBC’s…

Off to the entrance to the soccer pavilion for some balls to the wall and people’s chair.  These HIM’s were so strong on the PC that YHC walked across all of their legs and they didn’t even flinch!  Oh wait, that was just a story that 410 shared about some football team somewhere…Never mind….

Headed over to the wall for some dips and step ups, 2 sets of 15 each and then to the rock pile where we finished up with some Colt 45’s, 4 sets of 15 of curls, OHP, rows, and skull crushers.

Mosey back the long way to the flag alternating regular mosey and Ray Lewis’s at every cross intersection.




reverse LBC’s



-Prayers for Sweeper’s family.  Amazing blessing, but lots of hard work and very little sleep, so prayers that they are all in God’s hands through this transition

-Prayers for 410’s brother who is preparing for brain surgery in the coming months

-2nd F this Thursday at Tara Humata on Windward Parkway at 5:30



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