Tomorrow’s Theme: BOYO

When: 08/04/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): The Pax

After being inspired for the past two weeks always difficult Q by Nacho and the excellent VQ by Do-Si-Do, YHC is ready to lead tomorrow’s beat-down as Q.   With a good warm up mosey, most likely to the the Children of the Corn, be prepared for multiple laps around the track, Indian style. From there we will mosey towards the FOD. We will most likely stop at the planters on the way for the usual dips and step ups and such.  Prior to running the bases for several laps with stops at First, Second, Third and Home, for a variety of physical challenges, we will probably take on the Triple Nickle with bear craws up the hill.  Lots of merkins and lunges to be expected. Oh course, the Q always reserves the right to call an audible.


Oh yeah. I almost forgot. The theme will be BOYO throughout the beat-down at the Rubicon.

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