I say, I say..

When: 8/1/2016

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Boomer, Simba, Miyagi, Big South, The Dab, Shawshank (FNG), Matador, Swiss, Foghorn, Happy, Mr. Drummond, Piggie, The Bear, Callahan, Happy

YHC is back in Alpharetta after a year of East Cobb living, and so pumped to be within a reasonable commute to all Alpha AOs. To celebrate, YHC is making the rounds this week, and had the honor of leading the men of The Hooch on this first day of August. That group is quickly overtaking the Rubicon as Alpha’s largest PAX (for now). YHC had just about zero knowledge of the offerings of this AO, so pulled some Google images in the hopes of not looking like a complete FNG.

Heard rumors that several PAX hold to the idea of ‘fashionably late’, so we took a short mosey into the gloom for a quick warmup to allow those men to gather.

SSH x 15
Cotton Picker x 15
Slow Merkin x 15

The Thang:
Quick mosey to the first field on Perimeter’s campus, where we gather for a personal favorite….

Deconstructed Burpee, IC.. 5 Squats, 5 Leg Thrusts, 5 Merkins, 5 Leg Thrusts.. continues with 4, 3, 2, 1.

Lieutenant Dan across to the other end of the field. 1 Squat, 2 Lunges.. Increase up to 10 Squats, 20 Lunges. The legs were feeling this one..

Quick mosey to the hill in front of what appeared to be the main entrance to the Church.

Merkin Clock on the hill.. 10 in a single count, then rotate, all the way around.

At this point, Boomer and Simba led the PAX to an amphitheater YHC had spotted in satellite images.. A great hangout spot by day, but a better dip bench by gloom.

Dips x 12
Flutter x 15
Dips x 12
Freddie Mercury x 15
Dips x 12
Derkins x 6
Dips x 12

Mosey back up the hill toward home, with a quick stop on a curb for the miserable nipple scraper… How to count this one IC? Oh yeah, like a regular Merkin, but slower.. Got it.

Let’s get home. Must’ve been the Lieutenant Dans, but at this point my lower body was DONE. Too bad, because I had a Scout Run planned for the PAX around the parking lot.. but that is one massive lot.. So selfishly I audible to a…

Jack Webb. 1 Merkin, 5 Air Presses.. then 2 and 10.. etc. Notice how I added the extra Air Press?? Yeah, me either, until we are 40 presses deep and hurting, with more to go.

LBC x 20
Dying Cockroach x 20
Reverse LBC x 20
Low Flutter x 20
High Flutter x 20
Merkin Challenge
13 Burpees for 13 stripes #respect

What a group.. excellent showing by all, including the Miyagi who apparently has been MIA for some time, judging by the reaction he received from the PAX.

Some random half-nekkid dude showed up mid-Webb, who unfortunately turned down our invite to join. Pretty sure I just read an article on shirtless running.. it seems it is not viewed all that favorably by other runners. If everyone sweat like I do (uncontrollably), they might change their minds.

Boomer with the win on the Merkin challenge (duh), but Swiss gave him a run for his money. And that was after only approximately a thousand merkins.

Prayers to The Dab’s cousin, and for all others facing some difficulties in their lives. Truly grateful to be living and enjoying this world God has provided. Humble us Lord!

Cock a doodle doo,

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