Hey look! There’s a parking deck

When: 07/30/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Fondue, The Dab, GRITS, Miller Time, Foghorn, Nacho Libre, Boomer, Trojan, Crack

The Rube had zero PAX this AM… sad, I know. But look on the bright side, nobody else was there either. But there were 9 faithful for a special location Saturday, just down the road from the Rube in front of Alpharetta City Hall. By the end of the beatdown, we had fans (one) cheering us along (walking by.) It feels great to receive such motivation from common folk.

So here’s what happened:

Run a short perimeter of the old new town square stopping for a few quick warm-ups: cotton pickers, American hammers, and merkins. I actually never even plan any warm-up exercises. I mean, what’s the point? Warm up before you get there. But then I get there and I get scared if there is more than 6 for me to have to fight, so the other 8 won today. Next time!

The good news is that we noticed a structure during the warm-up. Off in the distance, barely visible due to fog rising off of the square, we see something that looks to be 4-5 stories in the air. There is only one structure allowed to rise so high along our skyline: a parking deck. So I shout “is that a parking deck over yonder?” Practically in unison (just The Dab actually) everyone yells, “we’re saved!”

We decide to run over to the structure, run up the first set of stairs we see, and then wall sit at the top. On the way down, we do a version of a suicide: run a full section, run halfway back, stop for 10 hammers (the American version), and repeato until we are way down there. Stop for 15 IC cliffhangers, 10 IC derkins, and 15 more IC cliffhangers.

Out of the deck to the traffic rotunda for 40’s: CCDs and Freddie Mercs. Back to the structure that may possibly be a parking deck. Run up one flight, run through one level stopping halfway for 10 OYO diamonds and repeato all the way to the TOP, because that’s where we belong. Nacho noted after the fact this particular workout seemed to be a trick. We ran up to the second level, just to run back down to the first. It worked out. No tricks. Whilst at the TOP (because that’s where we belong,) partner up (in threes for one group) for Dora: 100 box cutters, 200 hammers, 300 LBCs. Back down via the stairwell. ‘Twas at this time that The Dab confirmed: this is in fact a parking deck. It is a good thing this dude is one of the Faithful, I would be lost without his high intelligence factor.

Over to a neatly manicured English Garden. (Thanks to whoever identified that sell fact.) Run a lap up stairs (watch out The Dab!) 50 werkins, lap, 50 side plank dips, lap, 50 other side plank dips, lap, 50 J-Los. For any spectators to this backblast, this is where our fans (one) make their appearances.

Over to another neatly manicured lawn. It was about this time Boomer noted how happy he was that we didn’t have to run back to the Rube. Suicides using the light poles as guidance, run backwards on the “to” portion, front ways on the “back”, 15 squats once back each time. Off to the flag for community Mary and COT.


  • YHC started at the Rube to ensure no man was left behind. After holding until 627 to an absolutely empty parking lot, head on over the special spot, and to my surprise there were a handful of cars at there. Quite frankly, I figured there would only be about 3 people waiting as Saturday at the Rube just isn’t the ticket for many folks. Maybe its the fact that its an hour, maybe its the fact its Saturday, or maybe its the fact that its not his day to Q. Of the handful of regulars that show, a few were already noted to be DR or unable to post today: Swiper, DC2, Babyface, Flo. So when I saw so many cars parked in the area, my ever steady heart skipped a beat.
  • T-Claps to GRITS and Miller Time. You two guys keep pushing each other and posting. GRITS seems to have had a stern focus since we said Kotters a few weeks back.
  • Fondue has 2 sets of cadence calls under his belt. After the beatdown, he noted that he is ready to partake in some Q’tivity! That dude is quietly conquering the fern in the corner and its fun to watch! Doesn’t say much and won’t allow anything to defeat him. During the beatdown someone noted that his name is not Fon-don’t and I couldn’t agree more. I want to ensure I attend that beatdown.
  • Trojan, hopefully things in your house keep breaking as its great to have you back. Hopefully the weather stays warm!
  • Super Saturday next week will be Q’d by Foghorn. Good luck! That guy had a lot of frustration he deployed on the faithful during his last beatdown and he is behind schedule on Q’ing… it may be a snot woggle!

Billie Jean or Beat It? Crack!

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