Where’s your winky?

When: 07/28/16

QIC: Do-Si-Do

PAX (): Trojan, LawDog, Big South, Boomer, Crack, Mercury, Cooookie, Nacho, Swiper, MillerTime, Fondue, DC2, BabyFace, Grits

Well, after getting a nights’ sleep filled with constant waking afraid I’d be late for my own VQ, I arrived at the Rube along with a group of 14 other strong-willed men. Someone mentioned a winky may come in handy for me, and having no idea what that meant I thought things were getting a bit perverted…but luckily I was informed it is simply a cheat-sheet for those wanting a reminder of the activities to come. Alas, I chose to forge on without said winky.

We began our winky-free workout with a mosey to Wills Dr where we circled for warmups:
-Imperial Walkers
-Cotton Pickers of the slower variety
-Hill-Billies (it was here the predicted and dreaded VQ miscount took place but quickly got back on track)

The Thang:

Merkin Mile along Milton Ave – Wills Rd – Old Milton – Back to Lot:
Speed Humps= 10 shoulder-tap Merkins
Turns= 5 diamond Merkins
All cross-streets= 10 Merkins

Four-Corners: 3 Rounds Using the Full Dimensions of the Lot: Low side-shuffle on the short sides, forward and backward runs on the longs
1st Corner – 10 Merkins
2nd Corner – 10 Wide Merkins
3rd Corner – 10 Diamond Merkins
4th Corner (Home) – 10 offset Merkins
-Repeat and change Home to offset the other hand
-Repeat and change Home to xfit Merkins

Mosey to FOD: Grab a Partner
From home, wheelbarrow to infield dirt. Share 200 BigBoy Situps. Partner B runs to outfield fence and returns to takeover for Partner A, etc…
Wheelbarrow back to home, switching the man down on the ground. Share 100 Jumping Squats. Partner B runs to outfield fence and returns to takeover
for Partner A, etc…
– At this point my inexperience in Q time-management really came up to haunt me. Only the fittest few were able to chip away
significantly at the 100 Jumping Squats before we had to truncate the event and head back to the flag. Once there, we had only a single minute
remaining for a set of Box Cutters. Embarrassingly, what’s worse is what you don’t know; my winky had much more on it that I really thought we’d get
to! Gives me more respect for those of you who nail it every time you Q.

Also, I need to thank an unknown PAX for leading the early finishers of the Merkin Mile with fun activities while waiting on the six – much appreciated.
Great work by everyone. As we all saw today, the fittest among us serve as an inspiration for what’s physically possible with a commitment to F3, what it stands for, and a lot of hard work. Some of you, and you know who you are, can really turn it on when challenged, it was very impressive to watch from way in the back…

– Prayer requests were mentioned – sorry I don’t specifically remember the details but Boomer lifted them up for us all quite nicely.
– Also more talk of asking for guidance in regards to expansions, communications, retaining PAX members, etc..


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  1. And it’s Weinke, not winky! The latter does sound perverted. Maybe Flo will put that in his next word of the day backblast.


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