This is What “HIMs” do on a Wednesday.

When: 07/27/16

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Peachy, Boomer, Sunshine, Matador, 2%, Swiss, Callahan, Chipper, Happy, Big South, Mr. Drummond (2%)

12 HIMs showed up big on a balmy Wednesday morning for a brisk tour of the North Side of theHooch.  At least the breeze kicked up at the end for us to enjoy, until it (or Boomer) knocked over our flag.  Either way, more on that later.

Strong return visits from Matador, 2%, Chipper, and Happy!  The regulars were kicking it in high gear.  Sunshine was back and as Bill Withers eloquently sang, “Ain’t no Sunshine when She’s Gone”.  Ok, so we all know Sunshine is a HIM, but you get the picture.  Last but not least, we had a strong first visit from Mr. Drummond (FNG).

F3 Lexicon lesson of the day: HIM stands for High Impact Male

The Thang:

Quick Warm Lap, then- disclaimer given and accepted

  • SSH(IC)- 15, Mountain Climbers- 15
  • Merkins- 15
  • Front toe touches-15

Mosey to the Bench(straight count-OYO): Rinse and Repeat

  • 10 Dips
  • 10 Derkins
  • 10 Irkins
  • 10 Jump or step ups

Mosey down the trail (mumble heard chatter regarding the missing lights) and quick bit of lunge walking for the six.  Once the six was in, we recovered and then jumped in to a round of Mucho Chesto– 10 merkins- 10 wide merkings- 10 Diamonds- 10 offset right- 10 offset left.  The groans were really picking up at this point.

Mosey to the big wall for:

  • 15 Donkey Kicks
  • 15 Pop Squats
  • Balls to the Wall until last PAX standing (This really became a three pony race with Boomer, Big South, and Swiss showing off their hand stand skills)

Mosey to the Rock Pile grab a small rock (you read that correctly, we need a small rock) and up to the field.  Field area closed so we audibled to the make our own 4 corner area. 4 Corners-duck walks on the short side, mosey on the long sides.  Exercises in ascending order:

  • 10- Turkish Get ups, each side
  • 20- Jump Lunges
  • 30- American Hammers- count on one side
  • 40- Overhead rock swings (protect your back and don’t let go of your rock)

**Mosey to the pile to deposit the rock when done.  Who saw 2% leap over the gate?

Plank work at the rock pile:

***counting altogether

  • 10 Bird Dogs
  • 10 Side(R) Plank Leg raises
  • 10 Side (R) Plank toe touches
  • 10 Side (L) Plank Leg raises
  • 10 Side (L) Plank toe touches

Back to the Flag for some Boomer led Mary, count off, then Name-o-rama: Welcome Mr. Drummond!

COT:  YHC thanked Swiss for encouraging the guys Monday to take time for “quiet time”.  Make it a priority in your families.  I know from first hand experience, that I need the accountability from you guys in this department, especially over the summer.  Prayers up for Matador as he prepares for a half marathon to raise money for a worthy cause, a child’s physical need and hopefully something more eternal as well.  We are behind you buddy!  Prayers for the group as a whole.  Let’s be different, let’s be salt and light to a world that needs it.  Lead and Love well.  Let’s stand for something bigger than ourselves always remembering it isn’t what we do for ourselves it is what being done in us and through us that is eternal.

Screeching stop of the record:  Flag is down!!!!  Some PAX hinted that Boomer kicked it over, but I think that cool breeze we were enjoying was the culprit.  Either way, 13 burpees owed for payment.  A couple of guys owe us some (you know who you are “ahem” Big South)

Coffeteria:  Enjoyed by some, talked about a possible 2nd F get together in the near future.

Honored to lead you men and be challenged by you!  As always, I’m here for you.

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