The few, the proud

When: 07/26/16

QIC: Peanut

PAX (): Peanut, Foghorn, Cookie, Do Si Do, Defcon 2, Grits (most of the time). Noticeably absent were: Crack, Big South, Boomer, Nacho, Mash, Baby Face, and many others.

Very small, but very strong PAX today.

Warmup: Side Straddle Hops, Copperhead Squats, Imperial Walkers, Alabama Hillbillies, Merkins, Mountain Climbers.

Mosey to the rock pile, grab a rock and circle up. Exercise in cadence. 10 count of each: Curls, Shoulder Press, Row, Skull Crushers, Curls.

Mosey to the hill. We did a new exercise today (I called it Tens, because it’s pretty similar to Elevens.) While carrying your rock the entire time… 10 American Hammers at the top of the hill, 10 Big Boy Sit Ups at the bottom, 9 American Hammers at the top of the hill, 9 Big Boy Sit Ups at the bottom, and so on all the way down to 1. We alternated running up the hill forward and backward (with the rock).

Rinse and repeat with Merkins at the top, and Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom. We left the rocks at the bottom of the hill this time around.

Mosey to return our rocks to their home, and then mosey to the FoD for Burpee Suicides. PAX started on the third base line. Our suicide lines were pitchers mound, beginning of infield, end of infield, middle of outfield and warning track. Each time we changed directions, we did two Burpees. 20 Burpees total.

After a 10 count breather, we circled the pitcher’s mound for a Ring of Death. Each member did 10 Merkins while waiting members held Plank. After everyone had gone, we did 10 more in cadence for good measure.

Mosey back to the flag for Marys and COT.

COT: Peanut and family are starting to think through having another baby. Cookie and his family are considering the same.

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