DARTH is back for RQ “return Q”- at BIG CREEK for TUESDAY’s Beatdown

When: 07/26/16

QIC: Darth Visor

PAX (): Nacho, baby face "bearded", Swiper, Crack, Sweeper, the Body, 410, Clyde, Picasso, Reuben, Law Dog, Chief,Hammer

Big Creek goes BIG again with 14 PAX Rubicon Faithful supporting the expansion much appreciated: Crack, Nacho, Law Dog, Swiper, Baby Face ” bearded” !! TCLAPS FOR PUSHING US!!

What had happened was…

A general collection of the boys at FLAG Central amoung the mumble chatter arose some confusion as to who to Q? Swiper and YHC ranked 0 on the communication scale.

No Worries ( Mufassa would be proud) Darth Issued the LET’s MOSEY charge…

So, down we go to to the lower rock river area for a little warm up.

  • SSH
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Hillbillies Q reminds all to “mind your form…go side ways”
  • Merkins

Some mumber chatter as to any actual difference than usual hillbillys? as well as concern over cadence. Mumble chatter (CRACK and NACHO) continue with some chuckles over strained count during merkins…fellas its been a while and this old feller is just trying to get stronger again.

The Thangs: 

There were plenty of variety in the gloom this AM. New AO being discovered as we go!

Oh there’s a hill so we partnered up and ran up the double breaker hill while partners did push ups rinse repeat for plank jacks rinse repeat for some squats…oh was some music to YHC’s ears to hear that huffing and puffing. DANG THOSE HILLS even those MATT RATs were loving the hike.

Mosey back up said hill for some work on the ATSF… ASTRO TURF SOCCER FIELD.

BLIMPS down and back with BEAR CRAWL as mode of transportation one time down 100 yds and back to 50 YDL sprint it home.

Well wouldn’t you know another lovely hill to GSF… Grass Soccer Field. (to be utilized in later workouts for sure) So, we did some 11s with Merkins at the top and LBCs at the bottom.

PAX needed a recovery so over to “patty parlor” (concession stand) for a little wall squat with entertainment pleasure of watching rest of the PAX doing STAR JUMPs!

So duly rested, we mosey over to ATSF for some 100 yard combo sprints. Whew! Hammer displays some nice wheels. Nice work from the PAX.

Mosey to the planters for some MARY then back to flag.

WHAT! we have 2 minutes to go till 6:15 CRACK announces so YHC commences a BURPEE – THON till time is up. That’s alot o burpees. Sweeper and Clyde roll into the circle for BOM.


Prayers Hammer’s dad and job search, Praise for DV’s daughters Mission trip,

Great to see 6 PAX at Coffeteria

Several PAX continue discussions about adding a second day at BC.

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