Late post

When: 07/19/16

QIC: Peanut

PAX (): Peanut, Crack, Big South, Def Con 2, Fondue, Dosie Dough, Foghorn, Boomer, Nacho, Mash

Wow, I am bad at getting these BBs in on time. Better luck next time.

Warmup: Side straddle hops, merkins, windmills, hillbillies, mountain climbers, squats.

Moseyed over to the concession stand of three sets of Balls to wall with a short run to the tree in between. Then did People’s Chair while each member ran to the tree and back.

Moseyed to the field of dreams for good ol Lazy Dora. We partnered up. Lazy partner did Side Straddle Hops, while exercising partner exercised. 100 Merkins at home plate, 200 Squats at right field, 300 LBCs at left field, 400 Flutter Kicks (each leg) at home plate.

We only had a few minutes left so we made our way to the big hill. The PAX Bear Crawled up the hill and Army Crawled down the hill for the remaining 5 minutes.

Good work out!

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