FNG Trash Talking Beatdown

When: 07/25/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Simba, Big South, Swiss, Foghorn, 2%, Happy, Matador, Callahan, Chipper,

Flo and YHC had been EHing a friend (not a sad clown but not a HIM yet) for many months, and he finally HCed the night before the beatdown. He even taunted YHC and promised not to show YHC up. Now our FNG is quite a runner, but YHC doubted he had been doing lots of bear crawls and burpee broad jumps. So, YHC might have changed the beatdown to include those fantastic elements. We also had 3 more FNGs although we lost 1 during the warmup. Here is what happened after the warmup.

The Thang:

Mosey to the hill of shame. Partner up. Partner 1 backpedals up the hill and feels the bern (no comment on our current political trainwreck). Partner 2 starts on monkeyhumpers. Switch. 2 rounds and over 100 monkeyhumpers. Mosey to the playground for our pull-up challenge. The monkey bars were slick and tough, but we made it. Most FNGs holding up fine this far. Next we moseyed to the parking lot for some ascending bear crawls. Bear crawl from curb to curb. Stop at each one, feet on the curb for 1 merkin. 2 merkins at next. Lots of midwife pains and the sweet symphony of murderous threats against YHC as make it up to 6. Honestly, YHC had planned on 10, but YHC is merciful and loving so we moved on. Mosey around to the front stairs. Run up the stairs, burpee broad jumps along the sidewalk, mosey across the blacktop. Sprint back to the start and boxcutters until the 6 comes in. Quick set of J-Lo’s then an Indian Run back to the flag. A few minutes of Mary including a new favorite, alternating scissor kicks. Great work by all and the FNGs kept up every step of the way.


  • Great work by the FNGs: welcome Happy, 2%, Chipper, and Matador.
  • 11 Pax without several regulars. We miss Sunshine, Miyagi, Peachy, and the Dab. Let’s get some momentum going!

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