Baby-Back Blast

When: 07/23/16

QIC: Baby Face

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Swiper, DC2, Grits, Flo, Cookie, Boomer, & Foghorn

Mosey to the parking lot at the side of the rec center for some Warmup:
IC: SSH (19)
Cotton Pickers (16)
Mercan (14)

Mosey to the rock pile. At the rock pile we picked a friend and a large rock between the pair. Partner A began the run with the rock overhead, Elbows locked. When the rock dropped the Pax dropped and preformed 5 Mercans w/ the right hand on the rock and 5 w/ the left followed by 10 squats with the rock then partner A left the rock behind and ran back to his partner. When he returned to Partner B, partner B ran to the rock and carried it as far as he could, then he preformed the same set of exercises and ran back to tag his partner in. When the rock returned home the partners planked until all members were done. While the partner was spending time with the rock the partner at home base performed BLIMPS until it was their turn to run.

Following that we redeposit the rocks then mosey to the field of dreams. At the field of dreams we kept our partners. Partner A will bear craw to the scoreboard, where he called to his partner to start and began a combination of exercises that included: 25 LBC, 20 Mercans, 25 Squats. When the combination of exercises were finished we crawl beared back to the foul line and preformed press until all members made it back. On the way back Partner A will craw bear back home. While waiting to be called the partner at the foul line preformed press.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary:
Each member of the PAX got the opportunity to lead their favorite exercise for 45 seconds. Exercises included:
Flutter Kick
Freddie Mercury
American Hammer
Box Cutter
Bird Dog
Side Plank Dip

Prayers for Boomers friend Jason as well as our world as a whole for all of the senseless violence

Thanks to all those who came out, Hope I did well enough to leave you a little sore & tired for a few hours.

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