Still Going Big at Big Creek

When: 07/19/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Hickory Stick, Darth Visor, Swiper, Babyface, Flo, Hammer, Sweeper, the Body, 410, Easy Rider, Picaso, Spud Webb, Reuben (FNG), Clyde (FNG)

Great sequel to the strong start at Big Creek with 14 PAX, including 2 FNG’s!  FoCo seems to have many of the characteristics that will serve as a solid launching pad for the continued growth of F3 Alpha!  Here’s what went down…

Mosey to the Big Field for warm up’s, all in cadence, X 15


Cotton Pickers



The Thang:

Line up at the “Kidney Bean” for a new exercise known as “dozens.”  (For the Rubicon faithful, this is exactly like 11’s, but there are 12 light poles around the KB circle, so hence…dozens!)

First round…stop at 1st light pole for 11 merkins, 1 LBC, then sprint to the next for 10,2…etc

Second round, same routine but swapping for Carolina Cry Docks and Squats.  Strong support when the PAX who were finished ran back to join the six and bring it in as a group!

Brief recovery and then down the road to some uncharted BC territory…Low and behold, Big Creek has a rock filled creek bed just like the Rube!  We all grabbed some and headed out for Greta’s on the road to the soccer fields.

Partner up and one partner sprints up the hill to the fire hydrant while the other works on the rock exercises.

50 curls, 100 Overhead Press, 150  Skull Crushers

When finished, we used our cat-like reflexes to avoid the timed sprinkler system and circled up for some Colt 45’s with the rocks.  3 sets of 15, 2 rounds of:

Rock swings

Squat to Overhead Press

Full curls

Babyface noted that one of the selected rocks was better suited to be a pendant on a necklace than serve as an F3 exercise rock, but we will give the new PAX a couple of weeks to “rock-up” as they say!

Indian Run back to the KB with Flo showing his usual explosive speed around the corner, but 410 and Spud Webb made it clear that they too, have some wheels!

Back to the flag for some Mary.  All IC


Freddie Mercury’s

Box Cutters

Reverse LBC’s


-Great group this morning with most from last week returning and welcome to 2 FNG’s, Reuben and Clyde!

-Prayers for The Body’s grandfather, Max and Hammer’s dad, Frank for rapid recovery from health issues

-Great to see 9 PAX at Coffeteria

-Several PAX already asking about adding a second day at BC.  Told them I would request an audience with the supreme chancellor, King Crack, to discuss the request, but it might another week since he is out of town shopping for a new purple robe this weekend.  Hail to KC!

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