Shute! Shute!

When: 07/16/16


PAX (): Booooooma, Flo Baby, DC2 aka Co-Q aka Mr. Consistent, BabyBabyBabyface, Fondue Guy, DoSiDamnDo, Swiperster, Crack

Do you remember the movie Vision Quest? Its a classic. The PAX fka wrestlers know what I am referring to. As does Swiper. He must’ve been a wrestler himself. Either that, or he was really into Carla in that movie. (If so, he is probably also a fan of the MIB franchise. Someone please do some private investigation on his MIB familiarity and report back.) The only other option is that, just like YHC, he was a big fan of Madonna back in the 80’s and followed her works like a hawk. Well, if you have seen the movie, you remember the scene in which Shute is walking up the stadium bleachers with a light pole across his shoulders. I have always wanted to try that myself, but have yet to find a suitable light pole. May have come close today!

The Thang:

Mosey behind the pool for a little warm-up.

  • SSH x18
  • Cotton mills x10
  • Hip slappers x8
  • Plank jacks x12

New merkin mile route with the following: 5 diamonds when turning corners, 10 merkins at side streets, 10 Xfit merkins on side streets without signage. Up Old Milton, Marietta shortcut to Roswell, stop at the fountain and grab some wall for box cutters and dips and to collect the 6, continue up Roswell to Milton Ave, down the stadium. Stop short for flutters to collect the 6.

At the stadium, its time to do the Shute! Partner carry up the stairs, down on your own, 5 burpees at the bottom, swap on the next one, 5 burpees at the bottom. Repeato. It’s confirmed: Shute is a beast! Down to the track for some Deliberate Dolly on the Q’s call until the six arrives.

With your partner, one man runs half a lap while the other is doing AMRAP of the following: CCDs, Balboas, dying cockroaches, American hammers, some other Mary. 2 or 3 laps, I don’t actually remember. As mentioned, Shute is a stud and a state champ, neither of which I can claim.

Over to the tennis courts for 4 corners. I believe these tennis courts are being prepared for ALTA’s City tournament. I couldn’t be more proud of their condition. Wheelbarrow with your partner, 10 hand release merkins, run backwards, 20 somethings that DC2 picked out (always nice to have co-Q!) , other partner wheelbarrows, 30 LBCRs, run forward, 40 Rosies.

Run up Milton Ave heading back toward the flag, though by this time it was more of a shuffle. Stop at  the corner of Wills Dr for some air chair and squats as the 6 catches up. Continue down Wills Dr with 15 jump squats at each speed hump. AYG toward the flag. We actually stopped short to stay in the grassed area beside the parking lot. Today was the day of the Atlanta Braves Youth Baseball Classic there in the Rubicon. That means globs of cars and safer to stay in the grass.

Finish with some community Mary. I think Fondue led a nice set of LBCs, but I couldn’t actually hear his cadence calls. Great work, either way!


  • Nice to have Hickory stop through on his run. Even nicer for him to claim to meet us at coffeeteria and then go MIA.
  • Continued prayers for Flo’s pops and momma.
  • First Saturday post by Fondue. Something tells me he will be a Saturday regular. Even better stories about his 16 YO daughters volunteering at a Christian camp for the past month and a half. The biggest indicator of a HIM is seeing those that he leads to also make an impact. Nice work.
  • Called out last week but unable to post, Do Si Do, was not going to be called out again. I remember not long ago when he was the 6. He is steadily moving toward Chaser status.
  • Babyface is really digging this F3 thing. From being on the IR for a few months, to planting the Fowler flag and becoming a Studly Saturday regular; maybe that is Shute!

Aye! Crack

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