Where was the flag?

When: 07/14/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Boomer, Def Con 2, Big South, Baby Face, Nacho Libre, Peanut, Do-Si-Do, Kookie, Law Dog

9 Pax showed ready to work…but where was the flag? The was some mumble chatter about Crack having the flag and all seemed to believe it. 5:30 the flag and Crack were still missing, but the pax started on time as usual. Within the first 100 yards of the mosey, DC2 told YHC, “Oh, I think I have the flag.” Sounds like DC2 owes Crack some Burpees.

On to the Thang.

Mosey to the side parking lot for side straddle hops, long slow cotton pickers, windmills, and hillbillies IC.

Earlier this week Boomer challenged the Pax to get stronger with pull-ups and there is no better time to respond than in the gloom. The challenge is 3 sets of pull-ups with equal amount of reps and 45 seconds of rest in between sets at least 3 times a week through the middle of August. We grouped into 3s and while one person does pull ups the other two played patty-cake with merkins because no need for 45 seconds of rest in the gloom. After each person cycled through the pull ups over to the wall for chairs until the Six was in.

After pull ups on to the field of dreams. Starting in right field by the foul pole 10 lunges per leg, run to the 300ft sign for 10 makhtar n’Diayes, run to left field by the foul pole for 10 star jumps, and run back to right field. Cycle though twice and plank until the Six is in. Second set, same as before with side lunges, j-lo’s and squats. Third round backward lunges, shoulder taps and star jumps.

At this point in time YHC was struggling but the pax was ready push on. Boomer stepped forward and led some dips, Derkins, and step ups at the planters IC for 2 rounds. From there back to the flag for some Mary. Each pax picked an exercise until time was up. YHC started with LBCs at which time DC2 pulled the flag from his trunk and ran laps around the Mary circle. On to flutters, Dolly, Freddie Mercury, and the American Hammer.

On a day where the Q struggled, it was nice to see the pax step forward and push YHC to keep getting stronger. Much appreciated.


Family who lost their mother and wife.

Continued prayers for Boomer’s father.

Great time at coffeeteria and 3rd F book study.


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  1. So let me get this straight: Crack posts at a different AO on tues (and will continue to do so until I see a BB from that day), heads DR on before Wednesday’s sun, represents the Alpha on Thurs in Metro, and gets thanked by being accused of Fartsacking with the flag??? Some kind of friends you guys are. That is the same kind of friendship that must keep you from posting on #Sticks Saturday. I usually try to encourage attendance, but I may recommend you all join Hickory with a smart sack in 2 days.


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