Crack may in fact be on Crack

When: 07/14/16


PAX (): Swamp (full credit), Foul Ball (full credit), STH (full credit), AC, Unitard, Spoons, Swap, Slaughts, Maradona, Curly, Lee, Marv, Rocky Top, Crack, Foul Ball, FNG Clubber Lang, FNG Ice Box, FNG Papa Doc – missing any please shout out??

20, including 3 FNG’s courtesy of FB’s brother, Crack, simmered in the warm waters of the Tank

Extra Credit:

Quick run up Baxter, left on Torrence stopping at the bottom of the hill at Luther.

  • Backwards run to the top, 12 knee-ups, back down
  • AYG to the top, 12 Russian Twists, back down
  • Backwards run to the top, 12 knee-ups, back down

Down Luther to the bottom of the hill at Kings.

  •  5 Xfit burpees at the top, 5 at the bottom
  • Continue with 6, then 7

Head back to pick up the rest of the crew.

Those that didn’t need a 15 minute warm-up:

  • SSH x18
  • Merkins x 10 and hold, diamonds x 10 and hold, wide-arms x 10

Run Kings Dr to the fountain near 3rd/4th street. Grab some wall.

  • Dips x 10
  • Dips x 10
  • Dips x 10

Over to Elizabeth and partner up.

  • Wheelbarrow to Pease Lane.

AYG to Charlottetowne, 10 Xfit merkins at each Xwalk.

Down Charlottetowne to the Castle.

  • Up the ramps to the top. Run the flats, partner carry the ramps, 5 burpees at the top of each.
  • Mary at the top with bicycles and boat/canoe.

Zipper on the way down with 5 diamonds in the middle of each level.  More Mary at the bottom: heels to heaven, high, slow flutters.

Back up Charlottetowne to Lizzy. Down the hill to the 2nd crosswalk, 10 wide-arms, back up, 10 wide-arms.

Down to the first crosswalk, 5 burpees, back up, 5 burpees.

Continue the trek back – quick run up the steps at the 4th street deck, 5 burpees and back down.

Collect everyone and head back for COT


  • The description above is really one of 2-3 workouts that were going on this morning at the Tank. Not sure how many of you have met FB’s brother, Crack. Looks a lot like FB, maybe a couple of pounds heavier. A bit harder to carry up parking decks. Great guy. At least that’s what I thought until he brought 3 of his work buddies from GA with him to ST this morning. I think he forgot to mention that, on occasion, running takes place at Metro workouts. Just sayin’ – Crack may not want to drive back down to GA with those guys, unless he is comfortable tucking and rolling when they kick him out of the car somewhere along I-85. The good news is no one got hurt (including me when those guys came in to COT) or lost (except the other guy that was apparently with them that never made it out of the Target bathroom and met us back at the parking lot).
  • 4, yes 4, as in less than 5, made it to the 5:15 launch. Cholo was not one of them. We thought about playing a few hands of Hearts, but opted to run into Cherry instead. Might have to rethink that going forward. Despite having studs like FB, SF, and STH, 2 gentlemen hanging out in an apartment parking lot on Luther at 5:15AM were not impressed. Remembering the old joke about outrunning the bear, STH and YHC may have been in trouble.
  • In unrelated news, to my knowledge, Shanzilla has never killed only a portion of a workout.
  • Always a good time at the Tank. Probably the best AO in Metro (even though we spent most of it in Ranger’s AO).


  • 3rd Wed HDHH convergence next week 7/20 at Legion in Midwood – 1906 Commonwealth Ave.
  • More 2nd F opportunities tonight at 7:30 at Leroy Fox.
  • 3rd annual F3 Golf Classic 7/29 –
  • Plus a double-down opportunity on 7/29 at the 4th annual HaywoodStock during 24 Hours of Booty – details to come.


3 thoughts on “Crack may in fact be on Crack”

  1. Solid Q, way to hold it together with the crew this morning. I told Clubber Lang we had a heart surgeon in the crowd so he could let it go (but he never broke his semi-brisk walk pace).

    Not to nitpick but I did run the story through http://www.getthefcknfactsstraight.internets just ’cause.

    All but 1 item checked out, Prestige Worldwide after only one workout, was overwhelmingly in the lead for best AO in all of Metro, in all of F3. Pollsters are predicting it will reach RAnGEr1.0 status before Q4.

    I’m just telling you what the website said.

  2. Made it all the way back to ATL without having to: 1- tuck and roll, 2- perform any amount of hitchhiking, 3- fend off the evil eye to any extent. Fortunately, 3 of the 4 FNGs loved it. We are still looking for #4. However, in Crack’s defense, the conversation went a bit like this…

    Crack: Hey Ballz! Shifting DR into your spot and looking to bring some FNGs to see what F3 is about. Any good AOs up around University? The website calls that region “MECA”
    FB: Nah, I have all of their trophies on my mantel. Come down to Shark Tank. Its FNG friendly!
    Crack: FNG friendly! Perfect. I really wouldn’t want these guys to hate me… not good for business.
    FB: I’ll let TML know you’re coming. See you soon!

    P.S. All of FB’s relatives are a couple pounds heavier than him. He was the only one of us born with the absence of all muscles.


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