Big Creek Launch

When: 07/12/16

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Big Mac, Darth Visor, Law Dawg, Babyface, Easy Rider, Picaso, Boomer, Crack, Body, 410, Chief, Dr. Phil, Boots, Sweeper, Hammer

The newest AO in F3 Nation got off to a great start this morning with 16 total PAX!


The PAX showed up at the shovel flag on time, early even, ready to go.  After some meet and greet for the early birds, we headed off at 5:30 AM.  I know we talk about “the gloom” but we’re spoiled at The Rubicon.  It’s very well lit.  Big Creek, not so much…  Leave the parking lot and it’s dark, not to mention foggy.

Brief disclaimer, then out to the large field for some warmups. SSHs, imperial walkers, and plank jacks.  17 each.  YHC forgot that with 7 FNGs, many didn’t know that when the cadence changes we hault.  oops.

From there, the PAX went back to the outer edge of the field to the “Kidney Bean” shaped path. In the direction of the shovel flag there is a Start|Finish Marker. The Pax went clockwise around the bean.

Lap 1
At every artwork on the track 10 merkins (90 total) at every pathway intersection 15 squats (105 total)
Lap 2
At every artwork on the track 10 Carolina dry docks (90 total) at every pathway intersection 15 monkey humpers (105 total)

Mosey to covered picnic table area for Step ups, Derkins, and Dips.
2 in cadence step ups, 1 Derkin, 1 Dip.
4 in cadence step ups, 2 Derkins, 2 Dips.
6 in cadence step ups, 3 Derkins, 3 Dips.
8 in cadence step ups, 4 Derkins, 4 Dips.

14 in cadence step ups, 7 Derkins, 7 Dips.

Mosey back to the flag through the grassy area, partner up for Dora 1-2-3 for Mary.  100 LBCs, 200 Flutters (L/R = 1), 300 Freddy Mercury’s (L/R = 1)


Experienced guys change shirts, new guys did not.


Just an amazing turnout!
Welcome back to Sweeper (who merlot’d….), Boots, and Hammer!
Great job by the PAX getting out the EHs.  Welcome FNGs, Big Mac, Easy Rider, Picaso, Body, 410, Chief, and Dr. Phil!
Took up 4 tables at Starbucks for coffee.

Want to get better at F3? Post more.  Want to get better at getting backblasts up? Do preblasts 🙂

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  1. If someone merlots during partner doras, does that mean that his partner is not carrying his part of the load? Asking for a friend.


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