Back to the Hooch for a Pull-up Challenge

When: 07/11/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, the Dab, Big South, Swiss, Weird Science, Callahan

Due to a crazy traveling schedule, YHC had not posted at the Hooch in what felt like months. It was great to be out there, and even though no one had posted by 5:27, YHC wasn’t worried. Sure enough, 4 cars in a row pulled in, and Swiss somehow channeled his inner bloodhound to track us down at the playground. Great to have Weird Science join us. Here is what happened.


  • Short mosey
  • SSH
  • Cotton Picker
  • Imperial Walker

The Thang:

Fastish mosey to the church. Stop on the way for some around the clock curb merkins. Keep going to the playground for some quick dips and the pullup challenge. Here is the challenge. Pick a number of reps you can successfully do 3 sets of with a 45 second break in between sets. For example, 6 pullups, 45 seconds rest, 6 pullups, 45 seconds rest, 6 pullups. Do this 3 times this week. Then next week add 2 reps to 8. Do 3 times that week. Go up by 2 reps each week. YHC proposes this challenge until school is back mid-August. YHC frequently hears pax complain about how much they suck at pullups, and pullups might be the best body weight exercise out there. Let’s get stronger and stop complaining. Who knows, you might start throwing in extra sets to really crank out pullups.

We started the challenge but screw the 45 second rest. Instead, pax did 15 slow tempo jump squats (Down slow into squat on 3 count then jump). All pax did their own number, and now it’s up to you to find two more times this week to get your pullups in.

Now it was time for Dora. 100 Makhtar N’Diayes, 200 swerkins (modified to 100 swerkins and 100 merkins), and 300 flutterkicks. Parter running from playground to second light pole. Time to mosey back in time for Mary.


  • Prayers for traveling pax and M’s.
  • For YHC’s f-i-l who is in the hospital.
  • For our country, peace and healing. Wisdom to know how we can bring healing and peace, not just post about it on facebook.

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