Rubicon PB: Sat 7/9

When: 07/08/16

QIC: Crack, King to some, servant to many

PAX (): You, the guy reading this

Just a reminder to the astronomy buffs and/or wannabees: come out tomorrow for the latest in astronomy update. Note to self: get someone to remind you to discuss astronomy

The game plan for tomorrow will replicate the partner work with running and rocks on the community center track. Click here for your memory shaker.

Go ahead and plan to have 2 things tomorrow. The first of the 2 things is a partner, but just one partner, not 2. The 2nd of the 2 things is 2 rocks. Of course, we will just get 2 rocks during the warm-up. If you do bring 2 partners, that is fine. If you bring more than 2 partners that is also fine. If you want to bring your own 2 rocks, have at it. If you want to bring your M’s 2 three pound “dumbells”, I cannot wait for you to be there!

We will definitely play on the swings when we are done.

Also, please take a moment to say a prayer for all of the police officers in this country, from the public’s perception of them, to their actions, to their cause, and the entire sensitivity currently surrounding their profession. Justified or not, the actions of few are putting masses of them at risk. What actions can I take to make a positive impact? I would appreciate any ideas.

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