It was time to return to the mountain

When: 07/07/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Fondu, DC2, Cookie, Boomer, Crack (all hail the king), Hickory Stick, Big South, Geordi, Foghorn, Flo, Baby Face, Ponch, Peanut, Transporter, Law Dog, Darth Visor, and the full Starsky Swiper

YHC woke up this morning excited to take the reins as the Thursday Q for the 3rd quarter.  After showing up to a smaller than usual crowd for Tuesday’s day after the 4th workout, it was decided that several of the Pax would need to sweat out the libations enjoyed celebrating America’s Independence and 16 faithful returned to the Rubicon ready to work.

Mosey to the VFW to warm up around the plane. 20 Side Straddle Hops, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 cotton pickers.

Everyone warmed and sweating, it was time for the Thang. Upon listening to the dictates of King Crack, the destination for each stage of workout was shared to the Pax allowing each member to step forward and set the pace. Of Course Hickory Stick, Boomer, and DC2 were ready to oblige.

Mosey to the Broke Back Mountain for a variation of the Jumping Jack Burpee Flash. Partner up. While one partner preformed side straddle hops, the other ran to the top of the hill for 5 burpees, ran back, and switched with the partner. On the second round, plank jacks instead of side straddle hops. Third and fourth rounds repeated the first two.There was mumble chatter about original starting point being, so YHC submitted to the voice of the people moved one road sign closer to the top of the hill.

Next back to the rock pile. At the rock pile the Pax grabbed a rock they were ready to carry for a while.  On to the field by the parking lot. With the rock in hand, the pax ran to the light pool in the middle of the field preformed an exercise with the rock and ran back to the start where we held Zamperini until the Six was in.  The exercises were squats, curls, squats, rows, squats, curls. After returning the rocks, back to the flag where DC2 led about 2 minutes of the American Hammer IC.

Remember to invite friends to the Fowler Park Launch July 12.

Always nice to have Transporter at the Rubicon.

Great time at coffeeteria and 3rd F book study where Swiper showed up in the full starsky.

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