No Flag Post, Part Deux

5 PAX showed up this morning even though the flag was a no show.  King Crack has taken our flag, but not our SPIRIT!  YHC warned the PAX that we had a lot to get to in 45 minutes and they rose to the challenge.

What had happened was…

Mosey around the lot, collected Swiss, and went in to Side Straddle Hops, Squats, and Imperial walkers- 20 each all IC.  Warm up complete.

Next:  Mosey Towards the big church down the street, on the way we stopped for some Lt. Dan action.  1 squat and four lunges….10 squats and forty lunges.

Next: Over to the lot for some 4 corner action with a runner.  4 of the PAX were assigned a corner and exercise (ranger merkins, crab dips, maniac burpees, or star jumps) as a station while YHC began as the runner. The PAX start their exercise as the runner runs to the first station and begins doing the assigned corner exercise.  the guy that was in that station runs to the next station tagging the next guy, who then tagged the next guy…and so on.  We kept working our way around the rectangle in that fashion for 12 non-stop minutes. At all times one guy was running while the other 4 were doing an exercise.  Good times.

Next: Mosey to the big grass hill by the chapel for some Bernie Sanders starting at the top.  Round 1- 10 squats, mosey down, and backwards mosey back up.  Round 2- Mosey down and mosey backwards 2 times.  Round 3- Mosey down and mosey backwards 3 times.

Next: Over to the curb to work the hammies.  With our backs on the ground, one heel on the curb, and the other heel pointing towards the sky we pressed up 10 times.  We then switched legs.  Rinse and repeat.  Rinse and Repeat for three total rounds.

Long mosey back to the normal flag location for Merry-go-round core work consisting of Mountain Climbers (Flo), 1-Minute Plank (Peachy), Mhaktdar something or others (Swiss), Dying Cockroaches (the Dab), and Reverse LBCs (Sunshine)

COT: Praise from Swiss regarding breakthroughs with family members.  The PAX encouraged him to pursue them boldly.  Prayers for Sunshine’s upcoming trip and Peachy asked for wisdom for the guys in our group as whole.

Moleskin:  Keep in mind that a new Cumming AO “Big Creek” is launching next Tuesday @ Fowler Park 5:30am.  Plan to attend if you can.  Prayers are appreciated for a successful launch and the lives that will be changed through this new location.  Tell the Sad Clowns that you know up that way how they could benefit from what we do on the regular.

Nice work today, see you when I see you!!!

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