We need Drone regulations

When: 07/02/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Drone (F3Jax), Defcon II, Nacho Libre, Cookie, Foghorn, Crack

As the eve of the eve of ‘Merica’s birthday arrived, it was a brilliant day! For the astronomers out there attending the RSS feed of my BBs, this is the 4th longest Saturday of the year, and the longest Saturday for the remainder of the year. If you want to be an amateur astronomer, come out next week and I will tell you whether or not next Saturday is the longest Saturday remaining in the year.

Prior to post time, we worked on a few of Alpharetta’s finest. These guys are becoming Rubicon regulars but yet to join us. Apparently we start too late. The SF sure seemed to strike a cord with one of them. I bet they will have names very soon.

The Rubicon had a visitor this AM: Drone from F3Jax. Maybe we were just lucky that he provided an even 6 PAX on this quiet holiday weekend, or maybe he was sent from the Mothaship as a proper example for the uptempo workouts we are pushing toward. The Rubicon regulars in attendance surely noticed this dude is fast and he was fast for the entire hour. YHC was actually concerned whether or not he was providing a worthwhile beatdown. Hopefully so.

On to the Thang. We used the AO’s running loop today. Ended once again with 2.6 miles. The first half mile stopping for warm-ups along the way: Cottonmills, imperial squakers, merkins until we hit the big field adjacent to the equine center. One of these days, that place will not have a Saturday event and we can partake in some of the fun to be had. Today was not the day.

4 corner escalator, facing the same direction: 10 crunchy frogs… lets stop here for a moment to inform the Rubicon that NONE of us do crunchy frogs as well as Drone. That dude almost gets flat to the ground (think 6 inches of all body except for your 6) before coming back to a ball. ‘Twas the standard for this Drone: perfect form and still making everyone else a chaser. I think saw a twinkle in DC2 eye watching this form for an hour! …20 LBCRs, 30 LBCs, 40 flutters.

Rinse and repeat swapping in a couple of animal crawls and changing to 10 J-Los, 20 American Hammers, 30 dying cockroaches, 40 mountain climbers.

Back to the run grouping up in pairs. Pairs of 3, just like last week! 1 partner runs while the other 2 do partner derkins (wheelbarrow position, 1 man does a derkin and then the other does a squat. Repeato to 10.) Continue cycling through until we get to the far away planter… that was about 1.5 miles of this suck.

At the planters, 40s in increments of 10 with speed step ups and irkins. Foghorn sets the mosey pace to the FOD hill for a set of clock docks and then 11s on the hill with lunges and box cutters. Nacho wins the chaser award on this one.

Chase Drone back the flag for a quick set of J-Los and then Drone’s final call: Suckee Burpees (or something along those lines.) Burpees with a knee-up jump. 13 for a flag! Somebody needs to put regulations on these kids that can kill a workout the way he did.


  • Prayers for the family of one of Nacho’s old wrestling buddies
  • Prayers/praise/best wishes for Drone’s sisters wedding… and the reason for his visit
  • DC2 kids are off to cousin-camp. Not sure if the kids or if the kidless parents will have more fun this week
  • Echoing Cookie with thanks and praise to all of the great things this country stands for, came to be, and represents. As F3 men, let’s continue to make a positive impact out there.

Toodles, Crack!

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