Pain is good for the Friday – Mugs Run

When: 07/01/2016


PAX (): Foghorn, DefConII

Two PAX headed out of downtown Alpharetta into the gloom this morning at 5:30 sharp.  Taking the “quickly becoming the ol standard” west loop route, the PAX set a brisk but talking pace for the journey.  This route has it all; missing sidewalks for Ninja Warrior like action, sprinklers to refresh and a lack of cars.  At 3.5 miles, there was a massive break down in someone’s energy level, but after a minute of recovery the PAX turned the corner toward home with the goal of not stopping.  That was a noble goal, yet there was a slight walk to give tribute to Veterans and Rubicon (and allow another brief respite).  All in all was a great morning where the pain endured equals building the body.  Results: 5.85 miles in just under an hour.  Take out the rests and you have a nice morning run.

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