Final Thursday Q

It’s been fun leading Thursday Qs, it’s been more fun lining up a Q the day before and fartsacking about half the time. Tomorrow will be the other half where I do not have a premeditated fartsacking planned. My final Q as Official Thursday Q for the quarter.

We will not be going off campus.  No downtown, not children of the corn, no brokeback mountain. Not a tremendous amount running except for between various exercises to be honest.

Beyond that, here’s a list of other things we will not be doing:

Don’t be fooled, there’s no white font above or super tiny font you can’t read.  We will be doing it all. We will be doing multiple reps of it all.

If your mind is dialed in on what this is, I hope you still post. If your mind isn’t dialed in, I feel really bad.

If you feel that preblasts should tell the PAX exactly what we are doing….ok…ok….

The Board of Pain returns tomorrow!

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