When: 06/25/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Sunshine, FNG- Big D.I.F., Swiper, Foghorn, Babyface, Nacho Libre, Hickory Stick, DEFCON II, Crack

Today was the longest Saturday of the year.* The sun officially rose at 6:26 and will not set until 8:52. That is a lot off sunshine! Thus, it was only appropriate that Sunshine shown. And that Sunshine shines bright on Saturday mornings, “whoa… and don’t it feel good.” It sure felt good for the 9 PAX in attendance this AM and he even said he was having FUN! Swiper was there, too, and he brought his Big D.I.F. for all to see!

The promise was to allow the PAX to set the running pace, and “boy, I say boy,” that Foghorn was ready. He must’ve looked at Hickory and said “pay attention when I’m talkin’ to ya, boy” because the two of them could not wait to get moving. We did a round of suicides, Hickory leading the way, Nacho right behind. Onto the pavilion with Foghorn back in front. The acoustics in the pavilion are much better than I have ever realized, but Babyface knew it. He smoked through the round of 40s “and every time I closed my eyes I thanked the Lord that” he is so fast, and he knows it too. After pairing up in 3s, we did partner derkin laps followed by crunchy frog laps. Not only did the FNG pick the latter exercise, he took the lead at one point. When he gets moving, you just can’t hide that Big D.I.F. After a third round of dips, onward to the rock pile. Once again, Nacho is at the front. Maybe he’s getting married and has something yet to prove.  “You are de best Nacho!” Whilst at the rocks, DC2 provided his best stealth impression and not once did I see any bug eyes during the overhead press routine. Another thing I did not realize, the exercise term for DEFCON level 2 is actually “Fast Pace.” While that may not have been true of our beloved DC2 today, normally speaking that is an apt description for him. Finish with Dora 1-2-3 and sprint to the finish with Swiper. COT my friends.


*Except for last Saturday


  • Impressive work today. The overall workout was a little less running than promised (2.6) but 5 different guys pushed the pace, none of which were YHC!
  • Big D.I.F. is going to tell the world (or at least the PAX of Charleston) about the amazingness known as The Alpha
  • Top Golf this Thursday, 530 PM for 2nd F action. It is best to inform Swiper if you plan to golf
  • Fowler Park planting on 7/12. Get the word out. Share email addresses for our info blast. Tell your friends. What will we name it?
  • Next week will be the final beatdown of the year (for F3Alpha) wherein the sun will beat us to the workout. Be sure to come join us next week for this commemorative occasion.

Crack’s WNTY: Butt Fumble

Auf Wiedersehen, Crack!

P.S. Did you know you could post without a title?!

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