PB: Rubicon Sat 6/25

When: 6/24/16

QIC: Crack

A week removed from a very enjoyable 2.0 beat-down in which 34 made it to the Rubicon and now we are back to business.

Saturday’s at the Rubicon have always used the sign-up genius routine, though due the lack of sign-ups, I will be taking the Saturday reigns beginning tomorrow and lasting throughout July. I may be DR on 1-2 of those Saturday’s, but when not, my focus will be a high intensity type of workout. Expect at least 3 miles of running, targeting 4. Expect that while the runs will not be long distances, they will be fast-paced. Plenty of body work will still be performed. You will also be able to count upon a timely BB after each beat-down. Such will be the theme when Crack is the QIC. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Saturday numbers are weak and the PAX that regularly post on Saturdays have the testes to handle this formula. They wake-up before the sun on “sleep-in Saturday” to get better anyways.
  2. FNGs or others that don’t like the pace can be encouraged to attend the new Tuesday workout beginning in July in the format of a CORE bootcamp (i.e. limited running), or they may use this a fuel to get better. No distance running, so no one will be left behind, but their bodies may not be able to handle the abuse. If anything, maybe they will recognize the room for improvement and be motivated.
  3. I have attend a couple of Metro-CLT workouts. Both workouts had 20+ PAX. Both times, the pace was high. Both times, I was toward the rear of the pack and struggling. Both times, the Q was not the one setting the pace, he just laid the workout and tried to keep up. By setting a new pace, you guys can help me catch those dudes in the future.

Since that most recent Metro workout a couple months back, I have tried to use their example of accelerating the moseys to push the pack. Only a couple of times has that been successful as our Q’s often feel the need to be in total control. Some of those individuals just haven’t recognized their pace is not always a challenge for all involved. Maybe that is why some of the fast dudes aren’t posting any longer. Maybe they go the Y instead. I would like to change that. The best way to make a change is to act… not to be a political pundit. This is me taking action with the goal to enact a change in pace. Everyone will know where to go, so get. I hope the guys that do show will turn me into a chaser. After all, #ISI

Crack’s WNTY: Stalker

Until the gloom, Crack

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