Dad’s Day

When: 06/18/16

QIC: Boomer and Crack

PAX (): Boomer, Dr. Pug, Warbucks, BB Boomer, Baby Boomer, Crack, Kion, The Colonel, Thor, Hickory Stick, Lizard, Weezy, Foghorn, Princess, Do-Si-Do, Speed Demon, Law Dog, The Hulk, Fondue, Simba, Swiper, Hollywood, Def Con 2, The Ruler, Sabertooth, Jango, O'Keefe, Grits + 3 (YHC forgot their names), Sunshine, Gangster, Bubbles

13 Pax plus 21 2.0s hit the Rubicon for a great time this morning. The weather was perfect, and the 2.0s were ready to go. Well, most of them. We started with our typical warmup then moseyed to the hill for some partner exercises. Partner 1 bear crawled up the hill while Partner 2 did LBCs. Partner 1 went up the hill and did 10 side straddle hops or 10 burpees depending upon age and work ethic. 3 rounds of this then mosey to the field of dreams. Half the crew on second base and the other half at home. 1 pax ran to second while other pax performed various exercises as called by the Qs. Once Pax 1 reached 2nd base, another Pax ran home. We did this until all the 2.0s got to run. We then broke into sharks and minnows with the dads as sharks and 2.0s as minnows. The dads were handicapped by only being able to bear crawl. After several rounds, we switched to Wham-o lunge walks. After some time chasing the frisbee around, we had a quick relay race, 2.0s vs. Dads. YHC made a tactical mistake and embarrassed a 2.0. Its all good though because we quickly recovered for 10 seal situps. We moseyed back to the flag for Name-o-rama and COT.  Coffee and donuts were a little late but still tasty. Fruit and juice boxes were right on time and hit the spot with all the 2.0s.


  • Great time today. Thanks to Mrs. Crack and Mrs. Boomer and everyone else who helped today.
  • Just a few tears shed but no broken bones. That’s a success.
  • Let’s do it again. How can we make it better? Shoot me suggestions.
  • Crack and YHC enjoyed quoting Major Payne. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it. And go watch it even if you have seen it.

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