That has to be a Record

When: 06/08/2016

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Bevo, Blueberry, Boomer, Boots, Cookie, Crack, Crossbow, Darth Visor, Defcon 1, Defcon 2, Do-Si-Do, Emeril, Firebird, Flo, Foghorn, Gambler, Grits, Gypsy, Hammer, Hickory Stick, Hot Sauce, Jingles, Law Dog, Light Bulb, Little Chicken, Loose Nut, Mufasa, Nacho Libre, No-See-Um, Peanut, Performance Evaluation, Pitch Perfect, Pumpkin, Ron Swanson, Si, Sketchy, Snapshot, South Tex, Squirt, Stang, Swag, Sweeper, Swiper, Tool Man, Trojan, T.V.A., Weird Science, Tightrope, Wahoo, Mercury, 45, Animal, Swiss Army Knife, Mucho Macho, Mash, The Bear, Padre, Slater, Cashew, Husker, Big South, Wurlitzer, D'Berry, Cheddar, Colonel, Lumbergh, Miller Time, The Dab, LA, Ratatouille, Simba, Candy Land, Peachy, Windtalker, Sunshine, Miyagi, WarDawg, Squirrel, Ponch, Babyface, Spud Webb, and JarJar

Look at that PAX list of who will be there!

Just as people have given up on Grits and Darth Visor, they return. D’Berry and Performance Eval realized more time was spent on discussing their names than actual post time so they came out again. Simba and Sunshine realize what the best north Fulton AO is. Jingles found his keys, Wurlitzer was simply awake, and Trojan felt it was warm enough outside. ¬†Boomer and Cookie were there because it was¬†Thursday.

After YHC gets over his initial shock at the shear amount of PAX at this workout and the reunion of welcoming back guys back we get going.

Need to count off by 2s cause we’re going to do some partner stuff.

I heard on Tuesday a few guys (Big South and the Dab) that the soreness from the Murph had been overcome, sounds like we need to do more pullups. Also, the training on that day for pistol squats will be utilized.

Somehow miraculously all 60+ Pax were able to work this out on the 4 swings and 5 pullup bar options.

Then we head to the field of dreams. We’ll do some 4 corners and 3 corners, big and small, but no threat of getting hit by a car like on Tuesday.

If there’s time we’ll work in some Block webb’s.

Absolutely no Indian Run though. Cycling through this record number of PAX would be ridiculous, that and Crack almost went full DC2 over it earlier this week.

Oh and The Beatles may be performing.

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