Big “Pull” Day

When: 06/08/2016

QIC: Flo featuring Peachy

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Peachy, Miyagi, Bear, Simba, Crack, the Dab, Swiss, Sunshine, and Wind Talker

I’m writing to recount the efforts of 11 brave PAX that ran the #Hooch this morning and lived to tell about it.  This was a joint venture between yours truly and Peachy.  PAX 2 and Hooch 0 for the week.

Warm-up (courtesy of Peachy):

  • short mosey with side shuffles
  • SSH
  • Cotton Mill
  • Imperial Walker
  • Squats

Enter QIC for the main thang:

    • Indian Run towards P/C.  The Indian calls a 10 count (IC) exercise of their choosing when they get to the front.  The tribe is running pretty quickly to cover ground.  Everyone gets a turn, then over to the playground
    • Partner up- One partner pulling up (AMRAP) until the other partners runs to the light pole for Carolina Dry docks (5) switch and repeat, same thing for 10, and same thing for 15
    • Remain in partners- One partner rowing on the web (AMRAP) until the other partners runs to the swings for Swerkins(5) switch and repeat, same thing for 10, and same thing for 15
    • Fast mosey towards the flag, lunge walks, side lunge walks, and then a really fast mosey to finish up.  Once again Wind Talker proves he still has wheels.

Tag-In Peachy for 58 rounds of squats and flutters…maybe not exactly 58, but it felt like it.


  • COT- Prayers up for Peachy’s Grandad, QIC’s Pops, and Sunshine’s co-worker
  • All are keeping their eye out for the upcoming newsletter
  • Great coffee talk for those that stayed

Let’s keep up the good work, walking humbly in the light of a story that is bigger than us!  Proud to call you my brothers.

See you when I see you!


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