Visible Humidity

When: 06/06/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Big South, Baby South, Peachy, Miyagi, Simba, Crack

It was so humid you could see the moisture in the air, but 9 pax showed up to get stronger. YHC loves driving to the AO with the windshield wipers on even though it’s not raining. Big South brought somewhat of an FNG (he went in Columbia once but forgot his name). YHC is not buying the “forgot my nickname story,” but he is now called Baby South since he is living with Big South this summer. Here is what happened.


  • short mosey
  • SSH
  • Cotton Mill
  • Imperial Walker
  • Squats

The Thang:

Crack arrived so it was time to mosey. Mosey to the light for some dips and derkins. 2 rounds. Indian run to the rock pile, partner up, and find a big rock. Mosey to the hill for modified Dora. Run up the hill while partner does 50 rockees, 100 skull crushers, 100 curls, and 100 shoulder presses. YHC originally said 150 curls and 200 shoulder presses, but YHC underestimated the size of rocks these pax would grab. We left with some Lt. Dan and then Indian Run back for Mary. LBC, Rosalita, Dying Cockroaches, Freddy Mercury, and slow merkins to wrap it up. It didn’t rain, but no one was dry. COT and BOM.


  • Simba inadvertently gave YHC some generous praise. Simba said he couldn’t see straight at the end of the beatdown. That warms my heart.
  • Welcome Baby South. Hope to see you out there again.
  • Prayers for Peachy’s grandfather, Flo’s father, Simba’s cash flow, and praises for YHC’s father-in-law.

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