Cruelty to an FNG

When: 6/4/2016

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Foghorn, Boomer, Flo, Cookie, Rafiki

Five tough PAX showed up this morning for a beatdown, which included one tough but late FNG. The PAX wasn’t sure if this FNG was at the Rubicon for us until he tentatively called out “F3?” YES! He was welcomed and properly warned on the importance of arriving on time for future beatdowns.. and Flo gave him the disclaimers. And one very important piece of info for all FNGs.. leave your keys at the car!

Short mosey into the park, holding at the first intersection of path while the FNG wisely followed advice to return his keys to his car. Okay he’s back..

SSH x 20
Cotton Mill x 20
Merkins x 12

Mosey to the now infamous and well-used Field of Dreams.

The Thang:
BLIMPS, starting at Home Plate, move to Right Pole, move to Left Pole
Burpees x 5
Lunges x 10
Imperial Walkers x 15
Merkins x 20
Plank Jack x 25
Squats x 30

Mosey to hill behind FOD.

The call this next one the Bernie Sanders, cause you will definitely FEEL THE BERN! Backwards run up hill to path, forward run to bottom.. x 5. So that’s where my hamstrings are! Yikes..

Mosey to Rock Creek (or should I say bog), grab a rock you can travel with.. Did Flo catch my advice on securing a traveling rock? That HIM went big..

Back to FOD..

BLIMPS, same stations as before, but let’s change it up..
Ballerina Toe Raises x 20
LBCs x 20
Iron Hulk.. 1 merkin, 4 air presses.. 2 merkins, 8 air presses.. all the way up to 5 merkins, 20 air presses.
Merkins with the rock x 20
People’s Air Press x 20
Sixes.. 1 low curl, 5 high curls.. 2 low curl, 4 high curls.. etc..

Curls at home while holding for the six.. More curls when six is in.. Tired yet??

Scout Run around FOD. Similar to Indian Run, but first PAX in line sprints to next station (Home plate, Each foul pole), then sprints back to back of line. Pretty hilarious to see who gets the long sprint, and who gets the short sprint approaching next station..

Return the rock! Suicides in parking lot, 10 merkins at each speed bump.. sprint back to flag!

The PAX did some Mary, but honestly I was way too exhausted to remember it.. Did I just black out??

YHC is exhausted just typing this out.. nap time!

Of course the FNG from Ghana gets a name from Lion King.. it’s tradition at this point.. Rafiki was one tough FNG, and says he’ll be back on Tuesday. Sure hope so!

Alpharetta PD rolled through to say hi, at which Boomer joked we should be arrested for Cruelty to an FNG.. TRUTH. That beatdown was tougher than I anticipated when putting it together.

Prayers for Flo’s dad and family.. God is in control!
Praise for God’s grace! YHC’s baptism scheduled for June 12 at 9 am, at Northpoint Church. Let me know if you’d like to attend, and I’ll have some seats saved. Don’t feel obligated by any means, but would be honored to have you..

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